How to add your MW3 ELITE CLAN TITLE

December 1, 2011 in ELITE, How to, MW3

How do I get my Call of Duty Elite CLAN Title to show up as my title in the actual game???
GOOD QUESTION………Took me a minute to figure it out, LOL. Actually I think Immortel or DeathByMe75 talked me through it.

1st The CLAN leader has to set it up by logging into ELITE and select your clan.
Then “Manage Clan” and it’s right there as the video shows.
Whatever He/She types in there will show as your CLAN Title in the game.

Now is your part, you have to enter into the “Call Signs” section an left hand side of game and just follow the video from there. It’s very easy, once you find out “where” it is ;)

Not forget as stated in the video, that your clan tag and elite tag are different. Elite “gold” tag is not unlocked till the CLAN attains level 10, but this is where you will enable that also.
Hope this helped you………….pass it on ;)


3 responses to How to add your MW3 ELITE CLAN TITLE

  1. Is it not called a title? The emblem is the little one or am I confused? Lol

  2. that is the clan title, not the emblem, also you do NOT have to select the title throught the title options first and then go to the elite clan title. u need only go to elite clan title and click yes.

  3. viz um clã mas não consigo deixar aquela mensagem do titlo e não consigo colocala
    Como faço?

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