71-0 Domination Black Ops by SOCOM-STEVEN

June 4, 2011 in Black Ops, Member Posts

Steve, got a 69-1 on Domination and wanted me to post it on CODBUNKER, I joked and said it wasn’t “Perfect” had he not died, I’d thought about it. I further went on to say, “If you get a 70-0, I’ll put it up there” Well a few games later, he did, LOL. I’m just now getting it up, now since I now have my new toy (HD-PVR) So here ya go Steve! You’re “Beastly” 71 and OH……(We’ll try not to pay attention to the fact that our opponents were noobs ;) )


4 responses to 71-0 Domination Black Ops by SOCOM-STEVEN

  1. Tim said on June 9, 2011

    kudos to him very good game!, hey buck you think you could record my stuff in my file share so i can put more in it, i am trying to make a montage? get on xbox and let me know

  2. Boots,
    I finally got a cap device, but waiting on my Amazon order for HD Component out from Xbox, Got it for $1.90 (it was like $25 off, LOL) so I can do Xbox stuff when I get it, I can do low res, now with composite, but if it’s not HD why do it, right :)

  3. Tim said on June 10, 2011

    ok man you would be doing me a big fav i will be getting one soon, but if you could do iit for me greatly appreciated

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