Member Gizmo’s WA2000 Free for All

April 26, 2010 in Member Posts

Are you a member of and have a video you want to share…..Of course we can do that! Just post your write up in “chatterbox” with your utoob link and it will appear here under category “Member Posts” then deleted from “chatterbox”, simple as that. So here is Member Gizmo’s vid he just made with his new capture card and his write up:

“Ok guys, not my best match in the world, actually definatley not my best macth , i normaly win FFA but i was just kinda messing aobu twith the WA2000 and i just wanted to show you my cap card on a full lenght match. If you experience lag on 1080p on youtube just go to 720p, its not the video, its your pc and/or computer screen not being able to handle 1080p, my laptop streams it smooth, my desktop dosnt so, 720p is your best shot.

Just going around on Free for all looking for some boosters, got a couple of nice kills with my WA2000, and also noscope some guy going for a nuke, i know im not the best at no scopes, i wasnt going out with the intention of no scoping, i just thought it might look decent .
Also guys take a moment to check out codbunker, good site for xbox ps3 and mw2 talk, its a brilliant site and has a nice community and very good competitions, i won the map pack on the site just for being a CODBUNKER addict :)


6 responses to Member Gizmo’s WA2000 Free for All

  1. I think black hawk wasn’t too happy when you stopped his kill streak at 18? i think…….LOL

  2. No, Lol i was laughing so hard when i killed him with out even scoping him :)

  3. Ahh i got linked to first page, Succsess :)

  4. i did a quick scoping match with some ppl its not as hard as it looks lol

  5. Well that was more spraying than quick scoping :L

  6. i know im just saying lol

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