• Thumbnail For all of you N00Bs that just got Call of Duty Black Ops, either used or at a discounted price….. or those of you that haven’t quite attained 15th prestige on COD Black Ops yet…….Well here is you chance. Starting Friday, February 10th at 10am PST through Monday, February 12th at 10am PST Black Ops [...]

  • Here is a look at the Map Pack “First Offensive” DLC Map “Liberation” along with a little commentary………I also talk a little about the Elite “Exclusive Content” along with the Xbox Exclusive Content over PC & PS3 and give my little “rant” or two cents if you will. But just wanted to show you all [...]

  • IMHO Piazza is the best of the two Modern Warfare 3 DLC Map Packs (Liberation is the other one) So check out the video for a peek at Piazza’s twists and turns ;)

  • ThumbnailThis is the “Million Dollar Question”. January 24th Activision released “First Offensive” DLC Map Packs to ELITE Xbox users ONLY. Offensive is a PERFECT name for this DLC because it has created such stir to non Elite Xbox, as well as both Elite/Non PS3 users (PC peeps too). HERE is the Press Release of Xbox Deal [...]

  • Thumbnail CODBUNKER member “hesgotdaboots” aka “Boots” Thought of an idea while he, Brandon & I were playing MW3 on Xbox about practicing/scrimmaging with your own peeps/clan members etc to make yourself better for online or competition play. So I suggested he create a group (members of site can create groups remember) for that because that would [...]

  • BuckeyeTC posted an update in the group Scrimmage Zone: 5 years, 10 months ago

    Boots, Brandon
    This is a kewl idea, but since you/us have xbox, i wonder if we should set up a scrim xbox (this one) and one for ps3, I guess maybe leave it like this for now, huh, till it starts getting more peeps then we can split apart if need………..yeah that’s prob better idea, LOLz I just answered my own question O_o

  • This is not NEW news, but I just wanted to re-hash it, cause I happen to find it very funny. Yes those peeps out there that took advantage of an “exploit” in Modern Warfare 3 where you could get unlimited “Tokens” therefore giving you unlimited Double XP don’t think it was such a good idea [...]

  • I’ve sent out some invites, some say they haven’t got theirs yet, if you have a Positive KDR AND a positive Win Ratio then I’m sure I’ve sent you one, so ask again if not also Elite Founders get special consideration ;)

  • ThumbnailMany of you may have already heard of SOPA yet there are millions of you that haven’t, and those that haven’t taken action. The time for taking action is NOW!!!!! Before you think CODBUNKER has gone “rogue” with Politics (we typically maintain anti-political stance and stick to CALL OF DUTY only) watch the video and read [...]

  • Activision announced the DLC Map Packs are due out FIRST on XBOX for ELITE Premium members on January 24, 2012 (Partial Press Release below). Modern Warfare 3 will soon have 2 multiplayer maps “Liberation” (Based in New York) and “Piazza” (Based in Italy) and as always Xbox first then all others, typically 30 days later. [...]

  • ThumbnailMerry Christmas to all you Call of Duty fans out there! :D Santa Clause has brought all of us hardcore COD MW3 gamers a gift that keeps on “Respawning”……..CHRISTMAS NOOBS! O Christmas Noobs, O Christmas Noobs, how thankful are we you got MW3! LOL. So for you Noobs that just got your Playstations, Xbox’s with MW3 [...]

  • ThumbnailModern Warfare 3 has its first Map Pack DLC coming out exclusively to Xbox Elite Premium Members on January 24th, 2012. After this news was announced must admit that I was surprised at how the twitter COD community BLEW UP! Lots of peeps asking why Elite Premium PS3 members have to wait the “typical 30 days” [...]

  • This week (of Dec 11, 2011) Modern Warfare 3 came out with the Playlist for DROP ZONE. If you haven’t played it yet, you must, it can get you leveled up and prestiged in no time………….LOTS of points to be had here ;) Read How to play, then recommendations then check video below to get [...]

  • Checking my Facebook this morning I noted two videos posted by some fellow veterans, former “Shipmates” of mine, Lou Tardona Jr. and Jerry Powell. I wanted to share them with you, to help us remember our Military that “stands to wall” and “keeps watch” during this Christmas season (as well as 24/7/365) giving us the [...]

  • BuckeyeTC posted on the forum topic PS3 MOD LOBBY’S? in the group MW2: 6 years ago

    Matthew, whats Ubuntu Black, is it 11.04 ???

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  • ThumbnailActivision Studios: Sledghammer Games and Infinity Ward’s Joint venture “Modern Warfare 3″ has just busted though yet another record, beating out Avatar (the movie) for generating over $1,000,0000,000 in sales the fastest. Avatar did it in 17 days, which MW3 beat by ONE day. Congratulations Activision, now lets take some of that money and apply it [...]

  • Bird,
    I enter ur name and all it gives me as options are “Track” “Compare” there is no invite button, r u premium?

  • BigBird,
    I’ll send u one in a minute ;)

  • ThumbnailHere are the Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Emblems, Icons, Symbols, Avatars or whatever you want to call them :) Now that there are plenty of you that have prestige you constantly here in the MW3 Game lobby “Hey what prestige is that?” Well here is a nice picture of ALL Emblems that you can print out [...]

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