• AND THE WINNERS ARE: gizmo @gizmo byfaith-notsight @blakejones josh @charneus Samuel @samua1981 All four of you will receive an email with $15 USD from paypal (once the CFO (wife) sends it next hour or two LOL). This is intended for you to use towards MW2 Stimulus Package, but It’s your money so do with it what you will. This [...]

  • Dan posted on the forum topic Nuke Boosters in the group ChatterBox: 7 years, 9 months ago

    Nuke boosters are only found on the 360. Every video I have seen on you tube of boosters has been on 360. I have never ran across boosters on PS3. Just another reason not to get a 360!!! by the way @gizmo. If you like killing boosters you should check out booster justice on you tube. [...]