Can you shoot down an AC-130

December 27, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2

I’ve always wonder if you could, I’ve tried to plug two stingers into an AC-130 and all I got was Chaff. Well I was playing a team that was really good, and my team (random)…really bad. They kept calling in Harriers, and AC-130′s, so I figured I’d just be a spoiler and stop their kill streaks. So I kept shooting at the AC-130 (I had cold blooded on BTW) and I ran out of stingers but somebody from the other team was nice enough to shoot me LOL. Then my next stinger shot….BOOM… it went down! During the game I shot down 5, and it took 3 to 4 shots from my stinger. I believe the AC-130 has a limit of 2 to 3 chaffs, so it’d help if your teamate would be shooting stingers as well……Now go Knock that Big Bird out of the sky!

MW2 AC-130


3 responses to Can you shoot down an AC-130

  1. trick to shoot down a Ac130 if you are playing with friends its good that 2 people have stingers have two people shoot one after another first one will get hit in the chaff but the second goes right to the plane and its gone

  2. well when i was on wasteland i got a predator missile and at the time a UAV was inbound so i decided to destroy the UAV with the predator missile. It WORKED. i think it will be possible to do the same thing with a AC130.

  3. Sam,
    I think you may be wrong on that, (give it a try though) but I think the AC-130 is up higher than the predator; therefore, it can’t shoot down, it’d have to shoot up, which it don’t do. Remember a Predator, in “real life” is a UAV with a missile attached, and can’t possibly reach the altitudes of an AC-130 :)

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