Care Package Glitch after 1.09

February 18, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

IW actually got it right this time! Care Package Glitch is gone with the update 1.09…….I strongly believe for good. Sure you will see on youtube and here others claims they know how to do it. THEY ARE LYING just to get you to view their video. There is one posted that states you have to use throwing knife, and I’m sure some will show you have to spin in a circle for 3 times LOL. NOT GONNA WORK. I tried them, they don’t work. Some of these new tricks (i.e. throwing knife) and the old ones (tactical insertion) seem to work when done correctly. You do it, release care package, use it, and VIOLA, you have another care package showing on you bottom right ready for deployment! Here’s the funny thing, as soon as you try to ready it, within a half second it just goes away. It LOOKS like it’s going to work but it suddenly disappears. Here is what I believe IW did, and why I think its gone for good (Thank God)! They (programmers) FINALLY used their math skills and set a flag when you get package, then when you glitch, it checks flag……hmmm….did they release one before a new flag could be set (yes/no) basic logic. If the flag or bit was not cleared then delete care package in hand. If used properly, clear the bit/flag so they can get another 4 kill streak. Don’t know WHY it took this long to figure that one out????????????




Bottom line!
Don’t bother with youtube all day long, your wasting you time. If a new one comes out, I promise I will post it right away right here on and not withhold it this time like I did before (cause I hated it) and only showed it just before they fixed it. But don’t hold your breath, I don’t think its ever coming back.

But to soothe your souls for the death of this viral cheat/glitch, I will post my “holy grail” of a glitch by Saturday Feb 20, 2010. You will much enjoy this one, but I fear after release, it will surely be patched which will make me very sad :-(


LOL, I even put this video on youtube to help those peeps from getting punk’d by BS vids.


25 responses to Care Package Glitch after 1.09

  1. i wanna know the holy grail glitch

  2. Jiz,
    soon…….maybe even tonight????

  3. killa_pro wrote:

    heii! I was searching for a very long times new methods to do the new care package glitch and now i found your/this site and it is the best i know! first thank you for your text and everything it spend me a lot of time without the stupid searching! but now is my question if you dont can give me the answer, video what else and say me how the new care packaqge glitch works. i know you public it on 20th febuary but the problem is, i go to holiday and i just can play today. so i will also promise i will nowhere it public the answer, (PROMISE!) and if it doesnt go, do you already public it on the 19 february on 00:00 o“ clock when it is 20 february? sorry for this questions but i d like so much to know the answer of it and after i cant test it! so have a nice day and go one with your comments and videos! killa_pro

    Then Killa_pro wrote:

    are you from usa? or england or where because here in europe it is 23.13, in 47 minutes it will be tonight = 20th february would be nice if you post it! greatings, and thanks

    I did not approve your message Killa, because:
    If you would have read this post you would see that there is no CP glitch now!
    2nd post you stated you are in England, yet your IP address shows China
    I don’t believe that in China allows MW2 play……could be wrong though
    that is why your post appears this way due to any misinformation on my part.
    Also most people know there is a lot of hax that originate in China; ergo, I
    will not approve messages originating from there, but in what seems to be a legit post from you
    I posted it this way

    Lastly, you may be confused on what I said I’d release or show “my fav or holy grail glitch”, I am working on the video now
    and it will be up hopefully within the hour


  4. Killa wrote:
    No you are wrong I am from CH

    to quote you “are you from usa? or england or where because here in europe it is 23.13″
    shouldn’t you have stated “here in ch” ?????????????
    which is it EU or CH?????

  5. ch=swiss–> europe

  6. LOL Killa,
    My apologies, I actually took the time to check your IP and your are in fact in Switzerland.
    I just seen the .ch and assumed wrong.
    anyway i hoped that i still answered your questions?


  7. hey I’m from canada and I sow ur video on youtube and basically the only person I trust that telling the truth is u so I would like to know how do u do the glitch after patch 1.09, I spend so much time to find the new way but I was failed to do it you are my only hope I’ll be happy to hear from you

  8. Soheil,
    If you read the post, THERE IS NO way to do it now, it is done……….


  9. It amuses me to see people ask how to do a new one when the post clearly states there isn’t a new one. But then again, I suppose some people do have language barriers that cause them to misunderstand. Perhaps it could be stated like this:

    1. As of this post, there is not an existing care package glitch.

    2. Should a care package glitch appear, I will post it.

    That’s kind of hard to misinterpret. Sadly, the care package glitch does still exist in the form of people who use patch blockers. Oh well.


  10. Charneus,



  11. soo whatt glitches can we still do after the 1.09 update?

  12. Marissa,

    Well, mostly the 1.09 was the fix for the infinite care package; however, I’ve heard from some pals, that it also fixed the “inside wall” glitch on wasteland and inside the engines on terminal, but I haven’t checked those yet……suppose I should. Other than that you should still be able to do most of the rest, more specifically the elevators which i hope they never patch……except maybe the under map part of Favela. That is the only one that pretty much lets you destroy people LOL.


  13. I’m sorry but what you say is not true. They did not patch it for good, unless you know this for fact you should not say so. I say this because as of today Feb 21st, 2010 less than an hour ago I played team deathmatch and my team was doing the glitch, we had tons of care packages and I watched the player hop over a wall, throw the package get a UAV then threw another package (and this continued) that is how i found this site because after confirming that it CAN still be done i went out looking for the new method. There is no doubt about it, they were definitely doing the glitch.

  14. Azerii,

    I never stated I “knew this for a fact”. What I stated was “I strongly believe for good.” But I value your input and all those who post. I am very pleased you brought this to my attention, if in fact it is true (I have no reason to think its not). I am very surprised if this is true because, I’ve tried 4 different methods, with 3 different type of variables (using pack, not using pack, dying first, etc) and EACH time as soon as package (right arrow) was brought up it would look like it was going to work then it would “poof” disappear. Which seemed to me the programmers (without getting into programming details) set a flag for this. I WILL spend more time with this by trying other methods to “fool” the flag. If “your team” did do this then I assume there is another step involved at the same time of hitting right arrow key to pull up care package to glitch the flag. I will try to duplicate this tomorrow and spend my entire time on this until I can or can’t and then I will post my results. If there is a way I will post it here.
    Thanks again for you input.


  15. I just got off a game… 2 different guys were doing the cp things.. they were call in about 6 each… I played like 5 game with this people.. they were doing it in every game.. so I am sure theirs still a way to do the glitch.. I and most people just don’t how to!!!

  16. Chak29
    Believe it or not, but I think there may still be a way, I am researching it right now. DAMN I hope I’m wrong.

  17. I don’t post here…but read a lot. This was what I found step by step…and yes the Glitch is alive

    What U Need is:

    1. Cp KS
    2. SG KS
    3. Throwing Knife
    4. Area To Climb
    5. Open Space To Throw The KS Rewards

    What You Do:

    1. Get a 4 Killstreak

    2. Then Get Another Kill To Get a Sentry Gun

    3. Once You Have Both – Throw & Use The SG

    4. Once You’ve done that Go To an Area To Climb

    5. Pull Out Your CP Grenade & Cook It

    6. Climb

    7. While Climbing & Cooking your Grenade – Press & Hold Your Throwing Knife(RB)

    8. Once You Reach The Top Throw The Knife {As Soon As It’s Let Go Press Right On The D-Pad}

    9. Toss Your Care Package Grenade.

    9. Repeat 4-9

  18. bengalfish,

    I tried what you said, it didn’t work. Add codbunker-com (if your on PS3 network) and show me.
    I have to see it to believe it LOL


  19. I looked for an edit button for my post to also say that I haven’t tried it personally though my friend who I play with all the time promises it works. I will try it when I get home from work. I was only trying to help with your quest.

    Here is the video link that he got it off of -(removed by CODBUNKER)

  20. bengalfish,

    Looked at vid, doesn’t work.
    Looks to me like they had extra care packages saved. The more and more I try ALL these different methods. THEY DON’T WORK.
    Until somebody can add me and prove me wrong…….I say it don’t work.
    The only other option I can think of is that it is a MOD. Not a glitch.


  21. The ONLY reason the previous care package glitches would work is someone using a patch blocker to prevent patches from being uploaded. Thus, it can seem like the CP glitch still exists, but that’s only because those players haven’t updated to patch 1.09 yet.

    I don’t mind the elevator glitches (above the maps) as you can easily kill the person up there. I know because I’ve been killed several times using that glitch. :P

    But yeah, I can’t get the CP glitch to work, no matter how I try it. How hard is it to perform simple logic?

    1. Player gets a killstreak for a care package.
    – Store care package in a queue.
    2. Player uses the care package.
    – Once the ‘send care package’ program is initialized, it removes the care package from the person’s queue.

    This is quite simple. It allows for additional care packages to be obtained over deaths, but it deletes the first one in the queue each time the random is called.

    Honestly, the way they probably have it is ‘Oh, player threw a care package. We will now attempt to run an entirely separate routine to remove the care package from the player!’ instead of ‘sending the care package for the player, so let’s use a subroutine to remove the care package from the player now while the helicopter is en route.’

    I know the above probably didn’t make much sense, but really now, it’s not that hard to prevent care package glitches… *sigh* Who knows? Maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about, right? I’m sure someone will flame me and say that anyway.


  22. Charneus,

    Check out my latest post……………


  23. i was in a game last night and the 5 people from the outhere team was doing the cp glich on ps3. for there games straght

  24. trying to get some help with 10th prestige glitch

  25. Hey @buckeyetc …..This seems to be a dead subject. I suppose your prayers have been answered LOL

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