Cheating way to get out of any map

April 19, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

I told you earlier that I would explain how I found Teddy Bear out of map in Terminal. Well here it is, I did not Elevate out like I’ve showed you in other maps this is basically the “cheating” way to do it on all maps. It is a way to explore the entire map (some are HUGE) even if you can’t do elevators. What I’m referring to is basically “Free” spectating (I use this sometimes to find barriers when trying to find elevators too)
Here is how it’s done:
Go to Multiplayer
Select Play online
Enter into a private match

Under Game Setup:
Select Map you want to explore
Select game mode (I use Free for all)

The “Trick” under game mode:
Bottom left side under Team Options
Spectating: change from Team Only to Free
(also at top left change time limit to allow you to explore)

Then you enter into match and instead of selecting weapon to start, just hit circle (if you already started just change team and switch to spectator) Then move around like normal (out of body) BUT, using L1 lowers you, and R1 raises you up in the air. When in the air you move slower, and when you L1 all the way down you can scoot along the ground quite fast. Its pretty kewl, so check it out.



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  1. This works in COD5 also, haven’t tried it in COD4, but it probably does…………

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