FREE MW2 CHALLENGE LOBBY 10th Prestige & more!

October 31, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

I got a text message of a Free Modern Warfare 2 Challenge Lobby from somebody that’s been trying to get into one for a while. He stated it was VERY LEGIT, and he is a trusted source!!! This lobby basically lets you fly around in the air and play some crazy stuff in MW2 (not sure what all, but like “Fly a Harrier” I think) but more important to him was you can edit you own scores, killstreaks, etc…. Also you can unlock all emblems and titles and become tenth prestige!!! So if this is what you looking for here is the instructions (but watch videos to ensure instructions are fully understood) As always with anything like this (and even though source is highly trustworthy) CODBUNKER states “DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!”
Watch these two videos and subscribe to their channels and just follow their instructions…..
Real Hard huh, and there are lots of peeps on the internet charging for these “Challenge Lobbies” yet the guys are doing it for FREE!!??


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  1. Bushigans v3 patch :)
    Buckeyetc i host these lobbies all the time now :P
    Im in GMT time though, and i have been hosting MW2 zombieland

  2. Gizmo,
    Oh, I didn’t know that………..well folks there is another source………trusted source………….Gizmo!
    He is a member, sign up and message him.

  3. :D
    Lol, Just add me on PSN if you want in, and say your from codbunker :)
    SocomSteven added me actaully and i just remembered he is your mate ;)

  4. Oh yeh btw my psn is GIZMO-95

  5. eh i want to play a cl!! i have xbox though i feel left out lol

  6. whos got ps3 i got cod 7 already i copied it the best guns 2 use are stoner36 or commando plus the map u need 2 start on is nuketown + u cant quickscope on this one but its a great game so far buy it its brillant

  7. btw myy psn is charlie-x_badman

  8. I added GIZMO-95 and got DENIED :(

  9. Its because everyone requests my friendship after being in my lobby :O
    I sent you a request :)

  10. I figured thatz wut it wuz ;-) LOL busy busy busy……………….

  11. I added u gizmo as a friend on psn my psn is dUkENUkEM1202 can u get me into a lobby 2day

  12. Well…………..I decided to check out Gizmo’s Lobbies, OMG, they were AWESOME……….I was so amazed, not just the typical mods, such as God mode, titles, emblems, super jump etc…..but I had no idea all the other types of game modes out there……..they were a BLAST…………TKS again Gizmo…………F’n awesome!!! :D

  13. how do u get to host a challenge lobby

  14. Basically its a jailbreak on the PS3, (only versions older than 3.50 firmware), u then ftp software on on it, I won’t get into specifics, but you can always google it :)

  15. Hey guys i added deadmau5 but he asked me to pay for cl -_-

  16. God i wish i had ps3 not xbox

  17. add me if ur hosting challenge lobbys ……… bigTEARDROPS…………..ps3

  18. I have been lookin 4 a cl for a long time now, GIZMO is it alrite if u can get me into 1?

  19. gizmo plz add me and plz can u add me to a challenge lobby plz im despret

  20. GIZMO-95, i was wondering if u can get me in a challenge lobby on Cod 4? im not a hacker and im not legit.i use to be an 11th prestige but i got into my 3rd prestige lobby in one day and it turned me back to a 10th prestige.BTW my PSN user is zzDoughnutzX. if i have too many friends just tell me by message.i been in 3 prestige lobbys, and 1 challenge lobby, but it didnt do all my challenges

  21. what is deadmau5′s psn name?

  22. hey GIZMO-95
    is it alright if you get me into a challenge lobby please?
    ill add you on ps3 btw my name is Zombieeddy

  23. Hey Gizmo man,
    Could you please add me into a challenge lobby please..

  24. My psn is mcfly786 as above

  25. I like it ! If you do this again please invite me,i would like to complete a few challanges.please!!!!!

  26. Would you mind adding me Gizmo? I’ll send you a friend request also but I would imagine it will get lost in the shuffle of a million other requests. Thanks

    psn= RDowns1

  27. hey would you mind addming me too?? theoldnight6435, pls tell me who you are :) thanks

  28. yo gizmo i sent u a msg to add me i need prestigue 10 level 70 cz i got hacked n some guy stole my acc :(

  29. challenge lobby plz

  30. i added you on PSN i really need the titles and emblems as someone deranked me a few days ao

  31. Could u please send me challenge lobby?? I’m bcb221 on PS3. Thanks!

  32. Hey can anyone here get me into a cl where i get 10th prestige and unlock all titles and emblems? if you can add me
    psn: x_Wika_x

  33. well ive been looking for a lobby for the longest time if you guys are still doing this please send me an invite psn is disasterwaiting

  34. If you guys are doing this still please add me! Sylya_the_hunter PSN

  35. hey i tried to add u but it didnt work so can u add me im FADExM0nST3R

  36. Can anyone get me into a challenge lobbie on mw2 for free in return for me giving u- 1. Stimulus Map Pack for MW2.
    2. First Strike Map Pack for Black Ops.
    3. If u want them u can have all map packs for cod 5.
    Oh nearly forgot my PSN is Glen576.

  37. I can host CL for free add me xKraaZe_QxR
    Maximum 10 at a time, I can ulock all title, emblems, attatchments etx, I used to charge for it but I’m doing them for free until the 12/08/2011

  38. PLZ add me my friend is going to be in a challenge lobby and he’ll do it at any time
    MY PSN I.D. IS Classified17 im a lvl 70 10 prestige ( and i didn’t hack )

  39. Add me i do challenge lobby’s on psn my ID is

  40. Add me ass soon as possible . Thanks ;)

  41. Hey someone deranked me yesterday and i was in 10th prestige lv. 30 i think soo if you guys can get me into a CL where i unlock all titles and emblems? or just goes to 10th prestige lv. 70 please add me my psn: C0RExJ0K3R btw. The o in C0RE is the number zero and it´s the same in J0K3R the o is the number zero :-) Thanks!

  42. I will be reallly happy !!!! :-)

  43. I will be really happy !!!!! :-)

  44. Gizmo please add me for a challege lobby match plz add me mickey34swaqqqq

  45. It would be sooooo greatly appreciated if someone could get me into a free mw2 CL pllleeeeeaaseeee psn: dtownswat15 THANKS!!!! :)))

  46. add me, my PSV is SkyOut98

  47. add me ran3500

  48. srrry it is ram3500

  49. Add me ii sNiPe ii Uu

  50. hi can anyone do me a favor a get me a CL? ive been playing mw2 on xbox for days and just got a PS3 and dont want to go through the prestige bs. if anyone who does CLs can help me out, id really appreciate it. my PSN: Mr_JPay420

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