FREE MW2 CHALLENGE LOBBY 10th Prestige & more!

October 31, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

I got a text message of a Free Modern Warfare 2 Challenge Lobby from somebody that’s been trying to get into one for a while. He stated it was VERY LEGIT, and he is a trusted source!!! This lobby basically lets you fly around in the air and play some crazy stuff in MW2 (not sure what all, but like “Fly a Harrier” I think) but more important to him was you can edit you own scores, killstreaks, etc…. Also you can unlock all emblems and titles and become tenth prestige!!! So if this is what you looking for here is the instructions (but watch videos to ensure instructions are fully understood) As always with anything like this (and even though source is highly trustworthy) CODBUNKER states “DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!”
Watch these two videos and subscribe to their channels and just follow their instructions…..
Real Hard huh, and there are lots of peeps on the internet charging for these “Challenge Lobbies” yet the guys are doing it for FREE!!??


124 responses to FREE MW2 CHALLENGE LOBBY 10th Prestige & more!

  1. im online now btw so you can message me or add me

  2. GT:zockoskateman pliz inite me

  3. I would really appreciate it if you could invite me

  4. I would really appreciate it if you could invite me on xbl my gamertag is CleverMist00

  5. FATGUYdontFALL,Gt
    Hit me up with an invite please

  6. plz in coolnessintown7

  7. Please send me an invite xG3TDOWNnD1RTYx

  8. Can u get me in a challenge lobby free my gamertag is I AlwAys Spit

  9. GT: vR Mijah please invite !

  10. Hi can you please send me an invite I’ve been look for a free challenge lobby but you always have to pay but I found a free challenge lobby thank you my GT is Optic FUze83 also please send me a message saying lobby so I know it’s you not somebody that’s trying to spam me thankyou so much

  11. Will you please send an invite because I find challenge lobbies but they always cost and I really want a challenge lobby

  12. plez inv gt Piizza Doee

  13. GT: vetern4life831

  14. Plz invite me: punke1234

  15. Invite me please- iDessiqn v

  16. please invite me i really need it my gt is (DF Pringlez X) on xbox please inv me

  17. inv me plz my gt is –> ze CookieMonsta <— please invite

  18. please inv my gt is > ze CookieMonsta < please please invite

  19. plzz invt ZigZag sCoPeZz

  20. Please invite : MY NAMEis WENIS

  21. Gamertag: Xx Ra1ny Day xX

  22. Invite me
    Gt F3AR US 036

  23. Gt F3AR US 036

  24. Send me an invite plz GT Casanova510

  25. GT: Trick Faze

  26. Send me a message (TGFU Tryhard)

  27. GT: Employable (online now) inv me

  28. Plz invite me

  29. Invite me for challenge lobby, Need one despertly. GT: SlainedShadow

  30. inv gt: SErict ENergy Im not gonna b on till saturday tho

  31. Are you still hosting them?

  32. invite me FLA SKU11Zz

  33. Invite me Rampage Snipzz

  34. Invite me :)
    Gt: Croniclz

  35. I would appreciate it if u get me 11th prestige gt Gucci Underwear

  36. can u invite me to a cl because i wanted to get mod menu, everything unlocked and 10th prestige but could never get one as the hackers are never online.

    PS: my GT is walid_40

  37. Ive been looking for a lobby since the game came out, and i dont trust anyone out there because im afraid theyll take my account. So message me on Xbox or gmail because thats the easiest way to cantact me.
    GT:Stop Whinning

  38. please inv me to an xbox Mw2 challenge lobby Gamer tag is BBD x Malific

  39. plz inv Lucii21

  40. Can u add me xbox live:Claasic snipes

  41. Plus :Claasic Blur and Claasic Visify

  42. Please invite my gt is Louieandretti96 and thank you

  43. invite on xbox: AC1D MONKEY 00 also i sud to your utube

  44. Is this lobby still open if it is invite me GT: MxG Glover z

  45. hey could you send me a invite to a lobby please on ps3 my psn is Travissm09

  46. Could u inv me on xbl. Gt is my name.

  47. Could u inv me. Gt is my name.

  48. can you get me in a challenge lobby my gt is LVC ReBeL

  49. Need a chalange lobby gt xGRx iFUZIION

  50. Inv me gt zZR3LO4DZz

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