FREE MW2 CHALLENGE LOBBY 10th Prestige & more!

October 31, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

I got a text message of a Free Modern Warfare 2 Challenge Lobby from somebody that’s been trying to get into one for a while. He stated it was VERY LEGIT, and he is a trusted source!!! This lobby basically lets you fly around in the air and play some crazy stuff in MW2 (not sure what all, but like “Fly a Harrier” I think) but more important to him was you can edit you own scores, killstreaks, etc…. Also you can unlock all emblems and titles and become tenth prestige!!! So if this is what you looking for here is the instructions (but watch videos to ensure instructions are fully understood) As always with anything like this (and even though source is highly trustworthy) CODBUNKER states “DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!”
Watch these two videos and subscribe to their channels and just follow their instructions…..
Real Hard huh, and there are lots of peeps on the internet charging for these “Challenge Lobbies” yet the guys are doing it for FREE!!??


124 responses to FREE MW2 CHALLENGE LOBBY 10th Prestige & more!

  1. Can u get me into a challenge lobby for modern warfare 2 please and thank oh and if anyones account goes silver i know how to get them a 1 month on there account for $0.00 legit help me out and ill give this link it will work forever

  2. I suck a this game and i think it would be easier for me to get etter if i haz everything:). My gt is shoop to kill

  3. Could I please get in a challenge lobby? I’m already 10th and I really need this!! My gamertag is: BzAr DrEaMs

  4. hey i really want to get into a challenge lobby im 10th already but need camos and attachments plz help me!!!


  5. Inv me please gt: Tensai Sukiru

  6. nic said on July 31, 2013

    could u give me a challenge lobby on Xbox 360 my gt is: DeadlyClown81

  7. Invite me pls gt BlueIceXDFusion

  8. Invite me please my gamertag is xBDH

  9. i suck at mw2 cuz i dont have anything so please invite me my gt:
    Duh im marty

  10. can you please get me one xbox gt Fariko Detonate

  11. Need the 10th prestige lobby!PLEASE

    Gamer tag:ArsxnuhL

  12. I am 10th perstige but I need challenges and camos and stuff like that

  13. Gt: oCHILLAXINo

  14. 10th prestige gt zR Nenqo

  15. I need 10th + challenges bad add Xbox gt: H3LL NO

  16. Can I get one
    Gt= bACoN RulLES

  17. Invite me for a free challenge lobby please
    My gt is: Unite KuSh

  18. GT ghostscope1

  19. Add me my gt is my username

  20. someone plz invite me to a challenge lobby i never got to playing mw2 till now.

  21. GT: NICF8

  22. xbox GT: xXTechniC4Xx

  23. Gamertag: Trivium6337

  24. Xbox 360 GT vRxqyy

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