How to do Elevator Glitch

February 2, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

The elevator Glitch can be VERY hard, yet with practice it can be pretty easy. Some elevators have to be EXACT; while others are more forgiving. Here is the “secret” to becoming a great elevator glitcher. Be patient and don’t give up, the more you do, the better you get. Then you can do really cool stuff like get outside of maps and even under some.

Class setup:
Here is my recommended class setup with some variations depending on what you currently have unlocked.
Weapon: small machine gun or assault rifle (I switch between mini-uzi and RPD “I know its a large machine gun, that’s MY preference, yours will differ”)
Secondary: Don’t matter, I use pistol
Equipment: Tactical Insertion (very important so when you get somewhere you don’t have to do it all over again)
Perk 1: One man army (so you can replenish you tactical insertions for each step) or at least scavenger (same concept, walk over dead bodies and get new insertion)
Perk 2: I recommend Lightweight (makes for easier jumps, which are sometimes required)
Perk 3: Commando PRO (must be pro) so when you jump from VERY high once elevated, you won’t die.

This is the most important part. Once mastered the rest is butter.
Learn how to get initially aligned up.
1st: walk all the way forward to glitching area, facing it.
2nd: Align yourself (center up, then slightly rotate right)

Here is how to Center and rotate:
You look down or up, depending on what you want to use as a reference, such as a board on the side of a roof. Lets say there is snow on roof with board right below it. Look down till the board is about 1/2 – 1 inch from top of your TV/Monitor. Center up as best you can (left to right centering) (you are already “forward” at this point) Now what you have to do is SLOWLY rotate left and right. You will start to see on top of board the “Pixels” create a jagged sawtooth edge, as shown in pic below #1 and #2. Then you rotate yourself till these go away and are flat. THIS IS CENTER. Now slowly rotate to the right until you see only 2 to 4 jagged edges as shown in pic below #3 line. These steps here are the key, you are now done with the hardest part (that most people seem to have a hard time grasping)

Pixel Elevator Alignment

Now you hit your start button
Select Options
Select Stick Layout
Select Legacy Southpaw (not soutpaw, but LEGACY SOUTHPAW the bottom one)
backout of options

now your ready for the next “hardest step”
crouch or go prone, depending on which elevator you are doing.
move a decent amount 1 to 2 body lengths to the left.
hit circle (on PS3) and try to stand, hopefully you won’t be able to
if you can go back down and move left till you can’t stand.
NOW move slowly, by bumping to the right slightly until you can stand.
NOW go back to left till you can’t stand. THIS IS IT.
In between the “can’t stand” and “can stand” is the glitch and you will FLY UP!
The difference in the Gap is only a pixel or two, so your movements at this point
left and right are VERY VERY slight while you try to stand….then BOOM your floating.

IMPORTANT: do not touch nothing while going up (you can hit start button and return stick layout to default, which you will have to do on the way up or when your done rising)

Here is where you set a tactical insertion, so if you fall, kill yourself and re-appear in same spot without having to go through the above process. You can now walk forward and around as long as you stay within the boundaries of the roof below you. These are the basics, getting out of maps and jumping to other buildings etc… will come later, just master this process first. When you get to another building/map one man army to get another tactical and set it again to respawn there! Here is a YouTube video of two Derail Elevator Glitches, not my video, I will post one of my own later. I just wanted to get the “Pixel” alignment up ASAP since I’ve been giving so many 1 on 1 tutorials and wanted those peeps to see the jagged edges I was talking about. So Mattie432, if you want it removed let me know.

You will notice the first scene is just jumping on a fence, kewl but not an elevator, second scene on tank is where I learn my first elevator in MW2 it is a “prone” elevator which means you will lay down after alignment and selecting legacy southpaw. The third scene is a “crouch” elevator, which means you won’t lay down but only crouch and stand. CREDIT goes to Mattie432.


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  1. the bit that you wrote about the jagged line on the roof helped me do my first elevator glitch so thanks :)

  2. Kingsley,
    No Problem! That’s the stuff the website is for, info on COD and helping others……I need to get my forum up and running soon, especially so peeps can have their own private “clan” rooms to chat….cool huh. But anyway I wanted to give credits to okieonekanobi, he among others helped me with the jagged lines trick and to canadiank1ng for helping me do my first elevator (prone) on derail (I think he wishes he didn’t now….since I spend a lot of time finding glitches instead of regular matches with him LOL) Have fun, I will post more, check them out they are a blast to do. Hopefully they will not ever patch those since there is no “real” advantage, unlike the STUPID unlimited care package glitch (they need to fix that one soon)


  3. who the first person 2 figure this out n how

  4. Steve,
    Elevators have been around since MW1, same concept. Basically anything in any of these maps written by Infinity Ward is an elevator with these exceptions:
    You must have a barrier above you, that you can prone into, crouch into, or jump into. You must be able to walk up to this barrier and basically be right on top of it. This barrier must also be smaller than the base that you are standing on (i.e. lets say you are standing on a box that is 2 ft long, facing a wall with an overhang on it, the overhang has to be less than 2 ft. Some places are easier than others, some go very high, some go up 4 ft or less. You just have to get into a private match and play. Learn/Practice the methods I have posted here and you can do them just about anywhere.

  5. you r a glitch guru every one gets better but i got 1 more question is there still a title emblem glitch my friend erased my account instead of his n now i have to start over so the titles wood rele speed thing up 4 me

  6. steve,
    There was a hack to get ALL emblems, titles, etc; however, they patch that and I haven’t broke it yet. What they did is separate the single player game with the multiplayer game files. The used to be combined as one, and you could trick servers into accepting you MP from SP. This makes it VERY hard now, but I still think there may be a way, somebody just has to figure it out, I haven’t spent much time on it cause I don’t have the time LOL. Not for that one anyway. The old one was like the 10th prestige hack which was fixed by


  7. i tryd to do an elevator on my ps3 but I don’t have that legacy southpaw thing, i have lefty and righty and some more… How can i do the elevator now?

  8. pooned,
    you have it!
    step, by step:
    hit start button, while your in your private match and lined up like i showed you.
    under options menu (choose class, change team, options, end game) choose options
    then hit stick layout (the top one), then hit the bottom option “legacy southpaw” then exit out of this screen
    you are in LS! If you are playing COD6 / MW2 you have it ALL people have it!


  9. thanks for the Tutorial. It really helps me to figure out the Alignment. makes doing elevators alot faster and easier.. I will highly recommend this tutorial to anybody!!!

  10. Chak,

    No sweat.
    Thank you for helping me today attempting to replicate these “supposed” care pack glitch after 1.09, which we never could, which makes me believe what I stated the first time that its fixed for good………….unless its a MOD.


  11. hey whts up with the no third glitch how do you do it and whts the point in doing it ps this is 4 the ps3

  12. Alexander,

    I’ve done some research on this, and believe there is really nothing to this. I don’t even think it’s a glitch, and there would be no reason for it. What I think is happening is that not all the data from the kill cam comes across the network correctly (network lag) and this is probably the last “bits” of information transferred and could be getting dropped occasionally.

    Hope this helped.


  13. I think you are right about the carepackage mod..Cause I heard this hack call codbot about to release for ps3.. which let you have aimbot, godmode, unlimited carepackages, ac 130, chopper gunner,, etc you got the point.. HOPE IT NOT GOING TO SCREW THE GAME.. IT WILL BE BAD IF EVERYBODY START USING IT IN REAL MATCH LOL..

    P.s I don’t really know if codbot is real or not. I just heard it from a psn friend and did very little research on the net about it..
    and about the prestige hack.. I know it still work for sure.. If you need proof pm me.thanks for the elevator tut!!again very helpful!!!

  14. chak29,

    Your absolutely right, I could go on and on bout this stuff, but I won’t got better things to do than Mods, to much risk IMHO
    Check my latest post though.


  15. hey ive been trying and trying these elevators but i dnt understand the pixel thing confusing???

  16. im still not understanding how to do this. this is my first cod game ive played and im just trying to figure this elevator thing out and ive heard so many things on what to hit to do it like xoo or just x or just o and im soooo lost can u help me?

  17. alex,
    depends on which elevator you are doing, if your doing a jump elevator then you hit buttons to jump, if doing a crouch or prone, then re-read the post, also check out my videos on my site and watch what i do…………

  18. Ben said on March 5, 2010

    Thanks a lot man. Right when I was about to give up on elevators I found your guide. I actually think you are the only person on the internet able to give an intelligent and thorough walk-through on the glitch. It seems that all other video-guides are made by 2-year-olds or the like. They all provide little to no understandable directions on how to accomplish the glitch rather they are just showing that they can perform it. Thanks for being intelligent sir!

  19. No sweat Ben.

    That’s exactly what we want to do here at CODBUNKER, make it cut and dry, not leave you hanging…..”exactly what did he just do?”
    NOW, the site has just been updated with a community site setting, similar to Facebk, and Myspce………check it out


  20. Hey BuckeyeTC,

    Me and my buddy have been trying to figure out exactly how to elevator glitch and have been having zero luck. I consider myself a pretty legit glitcher when it comes to most glitches and I can usually catch on pretty quickly but I am completely stumped on what to do. Is there anyway we could get in a private match sometime and you show us what we are doing wrong? If so my name is my gamertag.
    -iDirect Impact

  21. add me on ps3 ill show u how 2 do elevator its barney_2k10

  22. thanks dude i can do 2 elevator but i try to do the crouch elevator is to hard for me?

  23. thanks dude i can do 2 elevator but i cant do the crouch elevator it to hard

  24. hey dude can u make a vid on how to do jump elevators because i dont get them?

  25. Koolkid,

    Holy smoke, Your right!
    I don’t have a tutorial on jump elevators, I will work on one soon. I can’t believe I missed a type, I have prone and crouch but no jump. Hmmmmm, how’d I miss that LOL.

  26. Thanks for the help, but ive followed everything, im tryin to do the elevator one in the favela, get alligned up and everything but jst cant get in the air, is there any other buttons to press or do crouch or jump when tryin to get up?

  27. The Snipe,
    join site and ask somebody to help in the MW2 group, somebody will, or i will if I get the time

  28. hey buckeyeTC do you have a ps3 or 360?

  29. ty really need it rofl! =)

  30. KoolKid,
    Doing it right now matter of fact, if your are on PS3 add buckeyetc, and I will show you……………..

  31. srry bro got xbox 360 =(

  32. I Cant Do It Im not givn up but im am gettn annoyed n angry i tried them on KARACHI HIGHRISE FAVELA DERAIL until the match was over no progress PLEASE HELP ID BE SO THANKFUL ALSO DO U KNO HOW 2 DO INFINITE CARE PACKAGES TRICK My account name is Mousy18 if ever u want 2 hav a match or show me how do the elevators thx

  33. ralphy u got ps3 or 360?

  34. i have tried and tried again still cant do it . :( following it step by step . please help ! add me mercermufc thanks

  35. can someone who knows how to do it on ps3 add me and show me in a private match?

  36. Deej said on May 19, 2010

    Hey there bub, can you possibly do an elevator without having to be under a ledge or at a wall or is it just not possible? I have a PS3 and honestly, i dont even know what you do to do an elevator. I mean you told us just do i simply get in postion them jump crouch or what? Watch the Termina glitches made by own8ge on youtube they are great.

  37. Deej said on May 19, 2010

    my name is on ps3 is vorpalslasher810 you know from the Jabberwock poem…AND TAKE THE VORPAL SWORD….lmfao idk

  38. I’ve tried since the update and I just can’t do it, not saying there isn’t still a way, (some say they have) but until I can do it, I’ll stick to “They fixed it good” because I could do them in 10-15 seconds now NOTHING GRRRrrrrrrrr….

  39. i cant do this glitch for nothing…i mean…its super hard…like…omg

  40. can u explain it to me better…and add me on ps3…dat_boi334 is my name on ps3

  41. Is it true did they patch them all?

  42. Trever,

    I have not been able to do any since latest patch. It seems they installed a “counter” of sorts where it flags when you are doing the small movement left right to find sweet spot and then program “shifts” you off alignment. I suppose with lots of attempts you MAY get lucky if you start exactly in sweet spot (without having to do the small movements) but that’s like a needle in the haystack…………not worth the effort IMO.

  43. hey. i cant watch the vids on my computer, so could you add a list of some glitch locations and what maps they are in? also i know about one and i cant get it to work on xbox 360. its in underpass, and its on some boxes with a light and a wall with something that looks like a lizard and the word infidel on it. can you help? thanks!

  44. Folks, I hate to disappoint but Elevators are DEAD, I have posted this in other articles, but with the patch 1.10 it killed them :-(

    STUPID PATCH I ONLY SAW THE TING 2day so i missd out

  46. for any1 else wondering if this guide will work listen to this guy he is legendry we took endless hours trying this glitch everywhere else and failed miserably. but this tutorial is well explained easy to follow and we gawt to flyyyyyyy

    bows buckeye youz a legend

  47. I tried it but it didnt work because i haven’t got commando pro

  48. thanks 4 advis but i need care pakige glitch

  49. i need in cl for free like bad my name on ps3 is nitro-hack
    so add me and get me in cl plz and ber afi me

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