How to get LOADS of XP points in one match!

April 23, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Here is a kewl glitch to get you loads of XP points in one match and complete Ligtweight Pro and Marathon Pro (I assume, haven’t tried it yet). Sam @samua1981 posted this on This post here then sent me an email how he did it.

“here is a picture of my earned xp of course i cheated what i did is i got out of the map in karachi during a game with lightweight and marathon and fell to the never ending hole so i could get pro for both of them”


Gotta give this one a go! Sam, Brilliant thinking!



7 responses to How to get LOADS of XP points in one match!

  1. What???

  2. ok u set ur perks to marathon and lightweight and comando pro, i like to do this in karachi because its the fastes one to get out of. but u can do this in favela, skidro and karachi thats the ones i know, so once out of the map just fall in to the never ending hole and start running and stop every thirty seconds to get the credits. easy as dat. in four minutes you will have lightweight and marathon pro and a lot of xp points

  3. whats the hole

  4. I have to see it. I have no idea what you are talking about

  5. I’ll have to do video of this one I guess, My tute only shows how to get out of map, but then you can get out of the “out of map” LOL. Confused? There is a spot you drop a care package at and jump over the “out of map” then you can run to edge of map and jump into the never ending fall. You just keep falling and falling. I fell for 4 minutes one day to see if there was a bottom, never found bottom, I suppose you keep falling till the gamestation’s “floating point” runs out (FP is computer talk)

  6. haha thats sick i was playing friends in favela and i knew the favela elevator never knew how to get into it and bam i did it, i need to practice them more so if anyone can help that be great

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