Karachi Elevator Tutorial Out of Map

February 26, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

This is the tutorial for getting out of the map in Karachi on Modern Warfare 2 using a prone elevator glitch.
(Video at bottom.) You’ll notice that you have to strafe jump from first bricks to the dumpsters, if this becomes to hard, you can always get a pal to help you get a care package and set one by dumpster and just get up that way. Also once you get out of map and go the the right, you’ll notice a small wall you cannot get over, here a care package will let you over and you will be in another city/town, a huge area out of the map. This was not included in the video but I will show that one (referencing this one) later, as well as, two more elevators on karachi (inside map).
Have fun and:



3 responses to Karachi Elevator Tutorial Out of Map

  1. hey i jus found 1 at karachi u havnt posted yet its useless tho it takes u half way up the buildin at the alley spawn point

  2. It’s not entirely useless, as if you go down that building to the end, there’s another elevator point you can do there. It’s not easy, though. Good luck!

    Another one I’ve heard about is the windows by the statue (where the two sets of stairs are, tunnel underneath). *shrug*


  3. Charneus and Steve,

    Yea I know of the others, I just have to edit/compile etc the videos. I have 8-10 vids made they just need rendered/edited, and I will post them, also I have at least 10 more or so to make, I just haven’t recorded them yet. If I’d quit playing the game for a while I’d probably get these up faster LOL. But alas, I love the game. I am also working on adding forum to site, (trying to integrate with what I have) and it is a challenge. So lots to do, be patient and keep coming back, it will be there eventually LOL


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