Modern Warfare 2 Fail or Success?

October 7, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2

grade-cWith almost 11 months under MW2′s belt and COD Black Ops release in almost thirty days, it is getting close to putting MW2 in its case and on the shelf with the other Call of Duty’s (with exception of WaW, cause of Zombies :D ) I have decided to give a FINAL grade on MW2′s success vs failure. This is VERY hard. I have logged over 44 days online with this game, so I must have enjoyed every second of it…..right??? Not always!!! Overall, I would have to grade this game a “C” I couldn’t give it a “B” because it doesn’t deserve that, likewise I couldn’t give it a “D” because of some key strong points and its sales. Please feel free to post your “Grades” and why in the comments section. I will list some of my “Key” points (good and bad) as to why I gave it a “C”

HOST TRANSFER, Man of Man this was great. I hated it when you were PWNING peeps and they’d backout….game over, since one could be the host. This did not always work, but most of the time it does, AWESOME!

Titles and Emblems were very kewl and creative, like those

Killstreak, IMO were great, I especially liked the NUKE option which oozed of TOTAL domination (the Helicopter was useless though, never use it for 7, always use the Harrier)

Game Type Selections were great. In private matches Game Rules setup was great. Choice and Customization of Weapons were outstanding. Most of all……. the Graphics, feel, and gameplay of “normal” games were AWESOME and the best yet!!!

Call of Duty MW2 became the highest grossing release in ALL entertainment history. More than $300 million dollars in the US & UK alone, with over $1 billion dollars worldwide by January 2010, selling about 15 million copies.

First lets start with some “iffy” stuff, not real biggy stuff.
Jason West, Vince Zampella, and others of Infinity Ward departing creating lots of drama for ATVI, IW, and COD in general. Spec Ops could’ve been a “good” since it was kewl; however, you could only play it with 2 people. It could’ve allowed for at least 3, because if you had 4 peeps or more, that’s enough to get a good Multiplayer game going. Then the controversial “Shoot em up” in the Airport scene in the “Campaign” mode. I personally did not get it. Yes, it could be bypassed, but why was it even in there? Like I said these are “iffy’s”….Oh almost forgot to add the “invite” friends outside of the game GUI, who’s idea was that…..Oh and also I LOVED doing Elevators, most gamers like to do the impossible and to feel like superman walking on the clouds was amazing, granted there were very few that in gameplay were not easily defensible but MOST were, but couldn’t we have at least kept them in PRIVATE MATCHES….yea yea, I know its a glitch, but why put so much detail outside the maps without letting us explore????? Ho Hum I miss those……….
Now to the frustration……….

DANGER CLOSE!!! WT#? One Man army, Noob Tube, DC. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Did the developers have no skill yet they still wanted to be competitive so they created this combo……..C’MON Man!

SPAWNING! I’ve giveth and taketh on this one. Kill a guy and in less than one second he is behind you killing you….poof…..he appeared there. I’m also sure everybody LOVES getting spawn trapped, I’ve been mostly on the giving side of this, but that don’t make it right.

Do you remember the “care package glitch”? What?….You ask which one, which time? :D How about being able to hold your CP and run 70mph, crouched down, and just knife people ALL day….Well that was one of them. Then there was the “Infinite” CP and Emergency Airdrops, but they fixed those, and again they had to fix those……..etc….LOL.

Javelin Glitch. Remember people turning themselves into human bombs so if you killed them you and all your M8′s died!!!

Wall hacks, getting inside of wall on “Wasteland” and become invincible. There is still the Rock on “Fuel” but who cares about that one (going back to elevators) some are defensible and some not.

Shooting down the Helicopters for your “Cold Blooded Pro” and get 30k to 50k in one match and this is just ONE of those type “glitches” there were some for “Marathon” “Lightweight” etc….need I go on?

$15 dollars for map packs with 4 new maps and 1 re-tread map (game shipped with 16 maps)

Within first month……Millions of Tenth Prestiges, LOL

OMG I almost forgot! Don’t forget….On the DAY OF RELEASE, 8 million people are drooling to play, but only 4 million were able to……..ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Did ANYBODY test this game at all? I really should downgrade this to a “D” but over a billion dollars and my playtime nudges it to a “C”.

What say you, FAIL or SUCCESS???


3 responses to Modern Warfare 2 Fail or Success?

  1. Oops!
    I forgot to mention for all you PC folks out there………NO DEDICATED SERVERS. I guess I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here :D

  2. You mean modernwarfail 2.
    Its pants compared to CoD5

  3. bghuj,
    I guess you’d rate it a D or F then ???

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