More Theater Mode fun with Stun, Sniper, Tomahawk

December 19, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2

Here are some more fun video captures using the Theater Mode in COD7 Black Ops. One is A nice lil Tomahawk kill while enemy jumping in midair (or attempting to, LOL) next is a Sniper trying to do a 360 Sniper Kill on yours truly, his fatal mistake :) and finally my favorite from lastnight, whacking an enemy on his melon with my stun grenade, when you watch video, look how real Treyarch made it……..Guy gets smacked right in the middle of his melon, then his head leans forward with the impact, then he reaches up to grab where the “pain” is, how kewl is that, fantastic job 3arc!!!


3 responses to More Theater Mode fun with Stun, Sniper, Tomahawk

  1. Errm he’s not reaching up due to the pain of the stun ‘nade hitting his head, he’s covering his eyes from the flash. The models do it no matter where you throw the ‘nade near them.

    Nice fail.

  2. Sy,
    Could be; however, if you watch the last section (3rd) of vid, you will see the flash had not yet exploded, yet he reaches for his head first……….before explosion, so I would say they are “stunned” from the impact pain, first. I will have to check l8r to see if I toss one near an enemy (not impact) to see if “model” grabs head before explosion……..It’s still funny :)

  3. Lol the one on the head haha!

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