MW2 Double XP Labor Day Weekend!

September 3, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2

Double XP this Labor Day weekend until Tuesday morning!

In case you don’t twitter……………

from: fourzerotwo

“Just turned on Double XP on Modern Warfare 2 for all platforms, worldwide, for the entire 3-day Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy till Tues morning!”


3 responses to MW2 Double XP Labor Day Weekend!

  1. winner guess i will have to scrap all plans this weekend and play more COD

  2. I have the long weekend free. I’ll be online all evening (sat sept 4th) Feel free to add me DEEPSIX86 ps my stats suck I picked up the game about 2 months ago and let drunk friends get murdered all over the game .. Black ops will be mine only lol

  3. yay just realised yesterday after like 5 games i realised in tdm i got double xp but i kept thinking i got double kills lol

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