MW2 Elevators after ALL patches!?

October 9, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Those of us that loved the Elevators so much in Modern Warfare 2 (as well as other Call of Duty Titles) were SOOO depressed when they finally patched them for good…….or did they. Technically, yes; however, there is still a way to do them… is just sort of a hassle.
*** I do not know if this method is legal or not or if it will damage your system; therefore IF you do it….Do it AT YOUR OWN RISK This is for educational purpose only, just to show that it IS STILL POSSIBLE. ***
This was done on a Playstation 3:
First you download “PS3 Patch Blocker” search it and follow install instructions:
Then Delete your MW2 Patch files: Warning This also deletes your “Map Packs” for MW2
Then Start the PS3 Patch Blocker.
Start the Game and enter into a private match (you will have to log on also to go into “Multiplayer”)
I experienced getting “kicked” occasionally from the network, but quickly signed back in and all was well.
(I think it may have been when my “friends” were messaging me is when I was getting kicked…..not sure though)
I did not attempt to go into an online game with this, since I was just seeing if it was able to work in a private match only. I did try to invite friends but it would not work, they could not join, so it was just me :( I suppose it may be possible if a friend had the same setup that I did, but who knows. It was VERY refreshing to be able to “fly” again though :D I really do wish that MW2 would ALLOW elevators from normal games to be played ONLY in private matches…………..REALLY……..what would that hurt????
I would LOVE to be able to play private matches with the ability to do the “kewl” stuff again for the next 30 days, before I put MW2 on the shelf for COD BLACK OPS!!!! :D


5 responses to MW2 Elevators after ALL patches!?

  1. Buckeye Tc, try using Anonymous proxy, it never signs you out unlike patch blocker.
    Also if you join online games there is various hacks such as gold deagles.
    Also if you go on CoD4 bypassed there is loads of hacks such as XP

  2. New patch blocker out!
    Never signs you out!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome, I’ll check it out Gizmo :D

  4. can u give me a link Gizmo


  5. i really need a cl on mw2 and ive been told tht i need to use patchblocker to get the 1.11 from the 1.12 for it to work can i reinstall the patch after ive got my cl

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