MW2 Favela Elevator Glitch

February 19, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

This is the elevator glitch on Modern Warfare 2 on Map Favela!


After reading that watch the video and go for it!!!



8 responses to MW2 Favela Elevator Glitch

  1. Awsome! That looks like a kick! Question how is the fact that you can get under this map a glitch? It seems to me that the makers got lazy and didn’t seal the map up over there thinking that it’s not accesable. But you showed them. Man they should hire you to test there games! I lime the fact that these are int the game. I am all about it, hey if it’s in the game it’s not cheating cause anyone can do it but not everyone knows!!!!!!

  2. Nemesis,

    I agreee, these are not really “glitches” per se; since it is obvious that the programmers put them in there. Once you get outside of map and see how HUGE some of these places really are…..If it was not programmed in, then you should enter into a void when you leave the map. But there is great detail and kewl stuff outside of maps….etc. I also agree elevators are not “cheating” since they are easily defendable, with exception to the favela one, (once you make it there) (I would’nt be upset if they block those walls only) But I do hope they never get rid of the elevators and at the very least in private matches..


  3. It’s pretty hard to do for me I tried for about an hour and o couldn’t do it! Oh well o don’t care. This game still
    kicks ass

  4. i tried it but it didn work but i dnt need it im hella good

  5. can you give a step by step tutorial on what to do

  6. Folks, I hate to disappoint but Elevators are DEAD, I have posted this in other articles, but with the patch 1.10 it killed them :-(

  7. no on rust it still works i just done it u need to use a care packige tho so u can hop on bar i will vid

  8. this glich iz esay but you no what even for the ones who can’t do this game still kicks black ops azz talk to you later o and im a perfssnol at cod

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