PS3 Patch Blocker and Mods

February 24, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Remove your patches and updates and continue to due the old cheats that some of you have come to love soooo much. Care Package Glitch, 10th prestige, etc…. There are also things called MODS, I’m not going to get into those because of liabilities, and expertise needed, but you can basically have GOD like modes. Unlimited everything, jump as high as you want, move through walls, see enemies (aimbot) thru walls etc…. and more. But back to PS3 Patch Blocker.

I don’t really care to post this stuff, cause I think it will ruin this game……….
HOWEVER. IF Infinity Ward could pull their heads out of …….. This would not exist.
So here it is. There is a software download that creates a proxy to bypass the “update check server” This is call PS3 Patch Blocker (there is probably one for xbox as well) Basically you download this tool and setup your PS3 internet connection to “USE PROXY” and set it to your computers IP address that you are running PS3 PB on (which you entered your PC’s IP into the program PS3 PB) (to find your IP, go to start, run, type in CMD, in the black box window type’ll see your IP) Then you delete patches you don’t want and launch your game and your all set. Like I said, I’m not going get to specific and don’t ask me to help you, this is going above and beyond cheating and there are risk involved, do these at you own risk! But they are out there and can be done!

Here is a link to PS3 Patch Blocker.

For further info…………..keep searching LOL



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  1. sum kid did that crap 2 me today till he got a nuke…. in a freakin care package

  2. You can’t get a nuke from CP, but he may have had a mod, such as aimbot or something…………..

  3. i was in a free for all match, some guy kept getting uav every 10 secs what the hell!?!?! and tons of killstreaks in the air, the game is not playable anymore, very sad….

  4. Gary,
    That’s my fear, is that this game (which I think is awesome) will get ruined because IW and Activision can’t get their heads out and fix these problems before it is so unplayable, that everybody quits playing. A lot of my friends are talking about going back to COD5 and or Zombies, at least till this crap gets fixed.


  5. this game is goin to hell my friend jus got a lag switch wen he turns it on every1 lag but him n he goes around killin them its stupid iw sood rele work on perfecting 1 b4 startin a new 1

  6. Yeh this glitch still works, so people can do the prestige glitch and stuuff.
    But the care packafge glitch dont because if you delete your patch to use patch blocker it will only find people on mw2 with the same version as you 1.00.

  7. Wait is there one for xbox? If so pls tell me or post sumthin about it

  8. i have done the tenth presitidge glicth 5 days ago. by USING patch blocker….. i am pretty sure there is no online aimbot, but there is one for offline it is called CVAR tool 2.2. just for single player and spec ops

  9. the patch blocker doent work it says connected to ip but no internet?

  10. I’ll have to check it out, last time I checked it worked fine but that’s been a while………..

  11. I need a different link cuz it says on rapid share that i used the maximum downloads for a free user so i need another link except rapidshare

  12. can u give me some info on cod5 ps3 prestige hack(wireless)it would be greatly appreciated

  13. why do players boost..???? its getting pissed off. cause some players were boosting and everygame they kept on getting nukes

  14. i have the same problem with the internet connection. i have the ip but the connectin fails every time i try to log in or test connection


    It should help, it also has a video ;)

  16. Can you do the hack for me for headshots or something? Rapidshare didnt work. I sent you a friend request as Eff_Irsay.

  17. I don’t “do” hacks, I just publish articles about them, etc………

  18. My PS3 got hacked and Modern Warfare 2 was moded somehow. They left a message that scrolled with your rating at the Bottom that Read, you were owned. Now Everything is mod’d and I don’t want it. Unlike those that do this and did this to my system, I prefer to earn my rankings and items.

    How do I remove this without formatting the harddrive? I would like to return it to original setting. It would suck to loose what I EARNED but I would rather start fresh than to play garbage like this.

    Please, if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  19. dude!?! im sick of bein AIMBOTTED by all of these hacker me and all the outhor googleys were gunna become hackkers i hate this mw2 is no lobnger fun))))):::::(if i download patch blocker will it hurt my computer????????)jw

  20. the game is unplayable now. every other lobby you get into theres hackers and people deranking you, but i made my own challenge lobby so if anyone gets deranked friend request me and i’ll get your stuff back.

  21. gamer tag is jheckman4

  22. No it will not hurt your computer, but patch blocker will not stop you from getting into hacked lobbies

  23. get a ***king life you retards “ooh it’s ruin the game (my life) i might go and cry now because of 1 game.” ***k you.

  24. ok……geez

  25. Me said on June 16, 2011

    You are all retards
    This Patch Blocker cannot be used for any online mods except prestige hack..THAT IS IT
    all the other mods mentioned are custom patch mods which require JailBreak of the PS3
    so dont come in saying “Dont realease ruins the game”
    it doesnt you need to understand what it can do before you say it ruins the game

  26. nigger denis

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