Shoot down PaveLow or Cobra for ColdBlooded

December 27, 2009 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

There is a quick way to get your ColdBlooded perk complete to ColdBlooded Pro. There is a glitch on the PaveLow and Cobra. When you shoot down a

PaveLow for example:
Hit the PaveLow with an AT4 or Javelin only once (you don’t want to totally destroy it), you just want to disable it so when its spinning, smoking, getting ready to crash…..then unload your normal weapon (RPD or whatever) into it. Each bullet hit counts as a “Destroy enemy Killstreak”, which you have to do 40 times. You can easily with one downing of the PaveLow hit it 40 times to complete Cold-Blooded in one match. Happy Pavelow hunting………LOL



4 responses to Shoot down PaveLow or Cobra for ColdBlooded

  1. I just got done playing HQ (Modern Warfare 2) in Scrapyard. I perked up an RPD with Sleight of Hand and Cold Blooded. Somebody called in an Attack Helicopter, I used only RPD to shoot it down (used about 3 clips, maybe 4). When it started to spin I kept shooting at it and almost instantly I had Cold Blooded Pro. I went into match with 25 of my 40, I checked challenges afterward and I had 85 of 100 completed…..So I basically got 60 hits with it going down……….awesome!

  2. 2nd time around. In Terminal I shot one stinger at a Pave-Low, then started shooting my RPD at it, got killed once by an enemy, respawned and continued (about 3 clips I think) as she was smoking, I unloaded…..afterward, I had 157 on Cold Blooded Pro from 85….that’s a delta of 72!

  3. Was this patched?

  4. Dan,
    No cold blooded still glitch still works

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