Shoot Under Favela Map Glitch

February 19, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Here is my “Holy Grail” Glitch. Hardly anybody knows it, or they certainly don’t use it. It involves an elevator glitch (crouch type)….which I will post shortly. Anyway, you can get under the map and behind a wall where you are perfectly safe….but THEY AREN’T LOL (~~~EVIL LAUGH~~~) I posted this in third person view so you can better see what I am doing. Behind the wall: you CAN get shot, I’ve had peeps shoot at me and tag me with a bullet or two (must have bullet penetration) but never died, just killed them or move a little. On the grassy hallway side, I’ve never been shot, but you can even knife people there LOL. Have fun with this one, but please don’t abuse it. I don’t want this to become another under the castle like in COD5 World at War. If so I’m sure it will be fixed. I won’t mind if they fix that particular area, but I LOVE doing elevators and hope they never get rid of those, because, hey you can easily defend that. Actually you can defend this on as well, but sitting up on roof across from elevator area (where peeps camp anyway) and just shoot anybody trying to elevate. Have fun, this one is a blast.

BTW: I forgot to give credit to okieonekanobi who showed me the under the map spot, at least the one by the grass………………..


7 responses to Shoot Under Favela Map Glitch

  1. I wish I could do this. I can’t for the life of me figure out the elevator glitch though :( This looks like so much fun in a private match.

  2. read the elevator glitch tutorial i have link in this post!

  3. i can do all of the elevator glitches wit little to no difficult but i spent about 40 mins tryin this it will not work 4 me any special pointers that helps u wit this

  4. are you on ps3 network, if so what is your screename?

  5. If you get time can you help me figure it out as well? I would really appreciate it.

  6. Dan,

    I’ll see what I can do. I may be real busy next couple of days, but may be able to squeeze you in.


  7. yea my screen name is Patton3416

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