Skid Row Elevator Glitch Tutorial

February 14, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Here is a tutorial on how to get out of map on Modern Warfare 2 Skid Row using the “crouch method” and “double jump” elevator glitch. Elevators are explained here: HOW TO DO ELEVATORS ON MODERN WARFARE 2.

You’ll notice that I show the jump from boxes to dumpster (which is not an easy jump), then cut to being on top of dumpster, my pal death_by_me75 (aka BDP) joined session so i put a care package beside it to make it easy to get there (I was in a hurry to finish video to play regular matches LOL) ALSO NOTE: when you do the first rise in the air from doing the crouch method, you will see me tapping buttons on the lower left of screen, this is called the “double jump”. Basically you hit (on PS3) X, O, O in order really fast. I have never been patient enough to master this “technique” so I found you can just randomly “hammer” on those two buttons (jump/crouch) like a type writer and in a few seconds, viola, it works. This is how you get to the second, third, fourth level to then get on top of roof. To jump on roof, you jump away from wall then in mid-air pull left analog stick back to left to kinda curve back in (this is known as strafe jump) GOOD LUCK! ENJOY!

There will be more videos to come of other maps very soon, so bookmark and visit often.



3 responses to Skid Row Elevator Glitch Tutorial

  1. Didn’t exactly show u well I still dont know how the hell u do It on xbox

  2. Ali,
    They patched the elevators so, it no worky anymore :(

  3. ken said on April 8, 2012

    I saw today someone do it on ps3…plz help me…i’m going crazy!! :P can u help to do this guys?

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