Sub Base Elevator Tutorial

February 14, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Here is a tutorial Modern Warfare 2 (COD6) on how to get pretty far up in the air in Sub Base map using the “crouch method” elevator glitch. Elevators are explained here: HOW TO DO ELEVATORS ON MODERN WARFARE 2.

Stay on the roof lines and make sure to set you tactical insertion. GOOD LUCK! ENJOY! BTW there is about 4 elevators on this map this one is the easiest, two of them will take you AT LEAST twice as high as this one almost 3x. Those will be posted on a later date, have fun with these and practice first.

There will be more videos to come of other maps very soon, so bookmark and visit often.


2 responses to Sub Base Elevator Tutorial

  1. NO one can explain how to do these??!?

  2. Bob,
    They fixed the “elevator” glitch but here is how to do it

    THERE IS A WAY AROUND it here, if you still must “elevate” here is that info

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