UnderPass Jump Elevator Glitch

March 21, 2010 in Glitch, Modern Warfare 2

Here is a tutorial in the MW2 map “UnderPass” on how to do a Jump Elevator. I received a request to give a tute on jump elevators, and only then did I realize that I did not have one yet on the site LOL. Same rules apply with important read: HOW TO DO ELEVATORS ON MODERN WARFARE 2. as far as alignments go (pixels, etc)
First do as video states and get under the fascia with holes in it so you are just a pinch away from where when you jump you DON’T hit your head. Rotate right and overcompensate for pixels (from How to link above) so you have 20-30 jagged edges, switch to legacy southpaw (not legacy or southpaw but legacy southpaw, the one on the bottom) then move to the left until you bump you head. Then slowly bring pixels to 3-5 (you can do this carefully in legacy southpaw) then find the spot where you bump head and not bump head, elevator is in between, but is on the bump head side not clear side. Then you hit jump crouch crouch, I just typewriter both buttons from the standing position. And your up! Side note: This particular one you can actually go prone to make very small movements if you can’t get the “sweet spot” prone lets you make smaller movements. Then stand and try. Have fun! GREAT for SNIPERS. I will post the prone elevator and how to get to the other overpass soon.



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