720 Sniper QuickScope Final Kill. BEAST!!!

April 11, 2012 in Modern Warfare 2, MultiPlayer

MiniScull sent me a message with this video asking me to post it. As always I check it out, and HOLY CRAP! First look I thought it was a KILLER 360 Quick Scope final kill….WHILE HE’s Falling to his death, mind you. But after further review it actually looks more like he 720′d it. HOLY CANNOLI that was just insane. So check it out and share it, tweet it, FB it not just because BUNKER said so (which is reason enough :P ) but because it is just straight up BEAST!!! Awesome MiniScull XD


1 response to 720 Sniper QuickScope Final Kill. BEAST!!!

  1. He spins once then jumps of and 360 then no scope doesn’t he? Doesn’t look like he left the platform until after the first spin love the voice lol, has he got a av capture card or something?

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