AC-130 or Chopper Gunner from a Care Package?

January 6, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, MultiPlayer

It seems when I use a care package or emergency airdrop, all I get is ammo or UAV’s. Normally I run with Harrier, Chopper Gunner or AC-130, and the Nuke. But when playing really tough matches in Headquarters, I will set up care packages sometimes……….But back to my point, I decided to try an experiment: I set up killstreak for care package and then and AC-130 and then a Nuke. It seems that I now get AC-130 at least 50% more often than I ever did before and much better drops than just UAV’s or Ammo. I haven’t tested this very long yet, but maybe you can give it a try and comment if it works for you. I personally think there may be some algorithim, since the setup is almost impossible to get, other than the care package alone……that it gives you good drops. Help me test this one out folks, I may be on to something here…..GLTA



3 responses to AC-130 or Chopper Gunner from a Care Package?

  1. I will have to try this out. I get the same crap that you do…Ammo or UAV’s 99 percent of the time. We will have to see if this is true

  2. OMG ur a genuis!!! it actually worked

  3. Does it have to be a carepackage ? Can it be emergency airdrop?:0

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