AMAZING Tomahawk Kill on COD7 Black Ops!

December 4, 2010 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer

We’ve seen many crazy tomahawk kills and the are very popular. So I decided to try launching these chrome hatchets into the air to see if I could get some wild bounce off a building or two for a crazy kill. Little did I expect; however, I’d actually be able to record one of the CRAZIEST Tomahawk Kills I’ve ever seen :D You may have to watch this a few times just to believe it. What is happening with no doubt is that the Tommy CHANGES its direction from the sniper into the “innocent” bystander. I viewed this many times and can only come up with ONE conclusion. The Sniper’s bullet HITS the Tommy and alters its direction. If you listen to the sound, the “Snipe CRACK” happens at the moment of trajectory change……….HOW KEWL IS THAT!!!


10 responses to AMAZING Tomahawk Kill on COD7 Black Ops!


  2. Dalton,
    I know……….Isn’t it just F’n CRAZY :D

  3. hey pause the video at 15 seconds and in the fire of the sniper shot there is a face of a man screaming

  4. you have to click they play button fast to pause it at the right frame

  5. Boots,
    I will slowly go through it and “screenshot” it on from my theater mode if I see it too……….
    Man this was INSANE, Sniper hits tommy, redirects tommy to a kill, but don’t forget the sniper bullet ALSO kill be from its deflection WOW

  6. Holy F*ck awesome :/

  7. ok cool buck, i have the picture above me

  8. im the sniper in this thats pretty cool but how do you know it didnt hit the edge of the shutter and deflect of it and not the bullet?

  9. anoopdog,
    I still have original video in my file share and I’ve watched it 50x plus, from many different angles, including the snipers, IT HIT THE TOMMY, no doubt. That’s why I saved original, because the odds are PHENOMENAL that this can EVER be reproduced, but not impossible, just has to be shear luck such as this one…………

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