Best Tomahawk Kill Ever on COD7 Black Ops?

November 29, 2010 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer

Josh Olin of Treyarch has tweeted some pretty kewl videos of Tomahawk kill from Call of Duty Black Ops, I have reposted two of them here for those of you that don’t “Twitter” (You should and follow CODBUNKER too :D ) but these are pretty awsome, check them out and if you got one to beat it, lemme know and I’ll post it here and tweet it to JD if you don’t “twitter”

JD set out a challenge for somebody to shoot down a Spy Plane with an RPG, and very quickly that was done, LOL. So he has issued another challenge that I think is impossible but you all can keep trying :D

Here is his “new” challenge that’s still open (as of 11/29/2010):
“Fine… Hit a Valkyrie rocket with an RPG (in a legit Player Match, can’t be setup – I’ll know!)… “



1 response to Best Tomahawk Kill Ever on COD7 Black Ops?

  1. Wow the first one is awesome.
    The second one is nice too!

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