Boot Camp Glitch

August 30, 2009 in MultiPlayer

I decided today to create an “alter-ego” on PlayStation Network and go back and play as a NOOB. Level 1 Prestige 0. To my surprise there was a dude in Boot Camp match Level 65 Prestige 10. HMmmmmmm. I played another one and this dude I-_War-MaNiaK_-I was in match as captain rank (I think 2 silver bars), so I sent him a message to asked how the heck he got in there. His response was to check utube. (BTW he seemed pretty kewl, just having fun, ya know) Well I did and here is video of one of the many. I suppose its cool to smash up noobs with all your weapons and perks, but one reason I started with an alter-ego is to check my skills with same advantages as all. Kinda to see how far I’ve come from the depths of hell (Level 1 Prestige 0) to the top (Level 65 Prestige 10). Anywho with people fuss’n about “Juggernaut #@!&@’s” etc…. (which is a perk that ALL people have, even those that fuss about it) what would they think of this? What do you think, is it crap or is it just noob slaughter fun?????


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