COD7 Black Ops Team DeathMatch 40-0

November 20, 2010 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer

MUST SEE VIDEO! Call of Duty Black Ops video of GetHerCrunk_24-7 going 40 Kills and ZERO (barely) deaths!!! NOT ONLY is that “BEAST” but “G” ALSO gets the “First Blood” and the FANTASTIC “FINAL KILL” share this link (by clicking on bar at bottom of post) with your pals, and see if they can beat it!? CODBUNKER wants to post your “beastly” videos as well as the funny ones. I tried using the Theater Beta with this, and its not working properly on PS3 link to so I had to do it the old fashioned way :) But check the vid, it is AWESOME, post ur comment, and lemme know if you can top it!! :D


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  1. TC, Just to let you know, you can link your youtube account with your theatre mode and upload straight from your ps3 to youtube!

  2. Gizmo,
    I’ve done that, went to, linked my account with ps3 but NO VIDEOS show up in the theater mode {beta} it states on the “note” that you have to go to the ps3 and set file to be played, I’ve done that also, and get 0/0 videos displayed on the screen (I also linked to my youtube acct.) I just think its only working for Xbox at moment, and still ironing out the process for the ps3, cuz it don’t work :(

  3. umm god dam it .. 40-3… and 39 -1 almost got it..

  4. TC,

    It does work for the PS3. It just doesn’t show up on the Theatre Beta yet, but if you link your Youtube account at, it’ll still upload the videos.

    I have a video up there already… it was a noscope headshot through the wall.

  5. Charneus,

    I am Linked, but nothing shows up on my Youtube or callofduty/theater of anything in my file share, I seen your vid, so what am i doing wrong, so I can post instructions to all, use my contact button, and post a quick tute on EXACLTY how to link and where files will appear, and I’ll post it on front page, give the post credit to you of course….. :D

  6. Will see what I can do to provide exact instructions. :)

  7. Well, the best instructions I have are this:
    1. Sign into your Youtube account.
    2. Go to
    3. If you haven’t done so, link your PSN or XBox or PC account (using your sign-in on the correct platform).
    4. To the right, there should be a ‘Youtube’ link account. Go ahead and click on ‘link account.’ Then click ‘Allow access’ on the following page.

    That’s all it should take to work… if not, let me know!

  8. Did that, then unlinked, and did it again :-( still no worky

  9. Doing some research, it seems that you’re only able to upload to Youtube after you’ve rendered the clip, which, sadly, can only be 30 seconds long.

    Ridiculous, but try rendering a clip. If it uploads to Youtube, then we have our issue. If not, I’d contact Treyarch and ask them what’s up with that.

  10. Got it to work, you do have to make a clip that is less than thirty seconds then render it, I will post instructions on this, its kinda confusing :/

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