Do you lose COD7 Black Ops Money when you Prestige?

November 15, 2010 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer

cod7-money-dolllarsYes……But!!! There is more you need to know about how to handle your “finances” on Call of Duty Black Ops. The currency system they have in place is awesome IMO and I’m sure some of you may hate it. But the question of Will I lose my COD7 Dollars, Money, (or whatever you wanna call it) when I prestige is yes…..ALL gets reset ALMOST. You lose your guns, perks, etc…..the normal stuff you would expect, but here is the important part PAY ATTENTION!!!!! BEFORE you Prestige, ANY COD cash that you have left over you need to spend it on “LAYERS”, “ICONS”, “Player Card Backrounds” etc……THESE REMAIN after Prestige. So economically speaking it would behoove you to buy up ALL of those items early on in your Prestige career so you will be able to focus on just spending it on other crazy “resettable stuff” down the road……….I’m just saying……don’t let that coinage go unspent. Just my Money Tip for COD7 :D


7 responses to Do you lose COD7 Black Ops Money when you Prestige?

  1. Then my friend has to buy every Layer and Icons & Player Card Backgrounds! Thanks for the tip!

  2. another great idea is to have a wager match with your friend before prestige and make sure he wins. then after presiging, have another wager match with your friend ensuring you win, this way you can keep ALL your money!

  3. Now I have another problem, I’m sure some off you might have or soon enough. I’m up to the 7th prestige, and I’ve bought ALL available layers and backgrounds! Now I don’t know what I should do with all of my money. Please people suggestions would be nice… Cheers

  4. Andrew,
    Well…………..If you have bought EVERYTHING, then the only thing I can think of is to go to the high dollar wager matches and have your M8′s join session, and let them TRY and earn it it from you by being “top dog” ;-)

  5. the game gave me 1.3billon dollers what shoud i do with that?

  6. thanx that really helped me

  7. I got to level 50 In three months and I noticed how to gain my money’s worth and giving me some extra cash to Start out with. Currently I am prestige level 10 but not for long and if you want a friend on the ps3 network my name is dilanator918!!!!!!!!!

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