How to Hide from the Enemy in Black Ops

July 23, 2011 in Black Ops, How to, MultiPlayer

This is HILARIOUS to do (yet it can….get boring) but very funny at first. YOU HAVE TO HAVE: Ghost Pro (so your name doesn’t show and your hidden from radar) secondly Hacker Pro will prevent you from getting detected by Motion Sensors. My setup is posted in picture below. Then you all lay in a straight line, hopefully dark, grassy area then wait till you bust a gut at peeps trying to find you. THEY WILL ACTUALLY SIT RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU sometimes, LOL. Try it out, its fun but then get back to beasting………….Cheers :D


2 responses to How to Hide from the Enemy in Black Ops

  1. very nice but ur suppose to hide and win by 1 kill no shots fired use claymores and camp till game ends not get up and shoot the enemy when they run by but nice job

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