How to Level up FAST MW3? Play “Drop Zone!”

December 17, 2011 in How to, MultiPlayer, MW3

This week (of Dec 11, 2011) Modern Warfare 3 came out with the Playlist for DROP ZONE. If you haven’t played it yet, you must, it can get you leveled up and prestiged in no time………….LOTS of points to be had here ;) Read How to play, then recommendations then check video below to get an idea of how fun, or frustrating this mode can be.

How do you play it?
Well, the objective is similar to Headquarters, somewhat. An area will appear on map, at first always in the middle of your spawn points (yours & enemies). It will be a red circle with reddish halo around that circle and as soon as any team gets there, they will receive a care package. So don’t worry about Killstreaks, there ARE NONE in this mode, just the Care Packages that get dropped. Whomever gets awarded the CP, they can quickly aquire the CP; however, you teammates & enemies can capture it also, just takes longer. Also while a team has control of cirlce, you will receive 20 points for EACH team member in the circle per SECOND…..THIS ADDS UP FAST. This is why you want a team that plays as a team (no lone wolfs here, if you want points) You still get 50 points per kill also, but the big points come from being in the Drop Zone.

A note on the DZ, After game has stared and someone has entered the DZ, it gets VERY busy around there, because the Spawn points for both teams are typically very close to the DZ. Also I’ve noticed that when we have be ahead in points a lot (or maybe it’s because we’ve won so many in a row) that when new DZ pops up….(They rotate appx every 2 minutes or so) that it spawns the losing team ON TOP OF the new DZ, my guess is IW/Sledgehammer trying to keep it exciting, just take note of it, tell us if you noticed this too.

Recommendations for Drop Zone on MW3:
As stated before, this requires team play, so here are some tips that at least SOME of your teammates have available.
TROPHY SYSTEM: This saves you a** when Predators, Javelins, Nade Launchers, regular Nades come flying in!
JAVELIN: Can be used to Multi-Kill another team not using Trophy system, or to knock stuff obtained by CP’s out of the sky.
TACTICAL INSERTION: This can keep you even CLOSER to the action.
RIOT SHIELD: This can protect you from the onslaught and keep your team in control of DZ. (Recommend Scavenger & Throwing Knife with this setup)
BLAST SHIELD PRO: Lots of explosives in the DZ!
SITREP: Lets you identify enemy “Fake” CP Bombs, before you try to steal them and get blown up.

So these are a few tips. Try to create a team where some are fast (so they can get to DZ first), some that can absorb explosive damage, and 1 or 2 that are “shooters” This is fast and stressful game, and if played as a team your KDR will suffer; however, you will get MAD POINTS.

If you’ve played this, share your setups, curious if I’ve missed some awesome setup item ;)

In the video, you’ll note my score is not HUGE, because it seemed pretty quick; however, there have been plenty of 5k-8k matches without any challenges, so good luck and level up! (OH, and before anybody asks….YES a trophy system CAN take out a predator & Javelin!)


2 responses to How to Level up FAST MW3? Play “Drop Zone!”

  1. It’s very important to work as a team. Just got off a game where folks are playing like it’s team death match. You have to coordinate your efforts and hold the DZ as long as possible. It’s not about the kills it’s about holding the DZ as long a possible. The kills will come as you hold the DZ.

    So far this game mode is a blast and is becoming my overall favorite mode for MW3!

    Thx for the post and great info!

  2. Love this mode, i can usually get like 5000-6000 score my record was 7300 :)

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