Modern Warfare 2 Fast Knife

January 9, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, MultiPlayer

Tactical Knife Did you ever see an enemy running around and knifing 3 to 4 people on your team in the same time it would take you to knife one person? Well it’s probably because he/she has a Tactical Knife. You unlock this very kewl knife by getting 75 kills with a pistol, (.45, M9, etc) it also comes with the standard default classes as a .357 magnum (it is slower to run with .357 than M9 or .45) So when you unlock this awesome knife, set it up with marathon pro, lightweight pro, and commando pro. You’ll be fast as lightning in running and knifing. Have fun, its a blast, but it does take a while to unlock with 75 kills.
If you want to buy this kewl knife, here is the link: Purchase the Tactical Knife HERE!

***Knife in pic is not the EXACT knife but the link above is***



2 responses to Modern Warfare 2 Fast Knife

  1. hey i know how to use it in mw4 but what is the name of this knife in rl?

    i would really like to own one and i haven’t been able to find one like this

  2. David,
    I updated this post to include the link to purchase this knife. Now you can OWN one!!!

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