MW2 Nuke Boosters Exposed

April 13, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, MultiPlayer

Occasionally we all run into Nuke Boosters (and the like). I decided to post some of them here and you can add more in the comments if you’d like. What is a Booster? These are people who enter into a match, then have a buddy “join session” and hopefully end up on the other team. Then they both text each other where to meet up, then one will put a tactical insertion down, so the other can kill them quickly, on and on, until they “Booster” gets their Nuke (or headshots, etc….whatever they are boosting for). Are these people Jerks? IMO it depends. If they make life of doing this, yes they are jerks, if they have NEVER got a nuke and want to feel the “Power” (LOL) of dropping a nuke for the first time…….eh….no big deal to me, its the “constants” that tick me off. I will also admit that I have been asked to help peeps by showing them how to do elevators, only to realize they do not have commando pro yet, so there are a few times I told them to get into a Free for All match, and I would join, then they can knife me……so we can get back to the tutorial. Not much different huh? IMO it was, because I would announce in the match that is what we are doing and why, and one time a guy (won’t mention his name) wanted to pull his Chopper Gunner, to which him I told him NO, because we are here for one thing (to get your commando pro) not to “Cheat” per se…(I know it was cheating, but for a cause LOL) So since I have confessed my sins ;-) let me help those that after they boosted bragged about it and were jerks to come clean also by posting them here!

VivaLaDEAN15 69-1, his buddy X_BOOST_R_BUDS_X 0-66

getburr2009 35-2 or fl-4993_DMX 36-6, his buddy Killer-J11_ 0-26

SecondsLeft 90-36 or i_V3NG3_i 80-28, his buddy MW2OwlCity 0-96
This lame team didn’t nuke, but kept calling in air support ALL game, finally we figured it out, too late, then they had the nerve after game ended (and we were cuss’n them) to say even if they didn’t cheat they still would’ve won! We were up against constant cheat air support, and we were short one guy since he was cheating, I’d love to play these guys with the cheater on their side (GUARANTEED they’d get owned!)

edrshooter23 25-2, his buddy THE_GOD_LOVER 2-20 (They ended up getting a nuke)

I’ll get off my soapbox now, LOL
Here’s the pics though, I’m sure I’ll have more to add…………


10 responses to MW2 Nuke Boosters Exposed

  1. can u teach me how to do jumping elevators on ps3 i am very good with all elevators but cant seem to do jumping ones, my user in ps3 is samua1981 Iwould i preciate it very much thanks

  2. can u teach me how to do jump elevators i am very good with all elevators but jumping ones i have not been able to do one, my user in ps3 is samua1981, thanks very much

  3. thanks, i have tried for hours to no use, maybe they are just not for me lol

  4. What a bunch of twats

  5. Hey, add me on ps3, can’t seem to get the hang of it when doing elevators, would get it 1 time, then would never get it again, psn is ReSpAwNz67

  6. Also, I will admit I have boosted with my friends b4 for my fall camo ak47, and I actually had almost every gun fall, but I said “what’s the point, its going to get boring eventually, might as well do it fare” so I wiped the slate clean by prestiging, and I am now a retired 6th prestige headshot only booster

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  9. im the real u be hating add u_be_hating i dont remember this fag u be hating over here

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