MW3 Prestige Emblems or ICONS

December 3, 2011 in COD8, MultiPlayer, MW3

Here are the Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Emblems, Icons, Symbols, Avatars or whatever you want to call them :) Now that there are plenty of you that have prestige you constantly here in the MW3 Game lobby “Hey what prestige is that?” Well here is a nice picture of ALL Emblems that you can print out and have handy so you can see what your next level is going to be like as well as what Prestige Level your up against. ;)



6 responses to MW3 Prestige Emblems or ICONS

  1. im 9th prestige im the best im lv 78 lol

  2. snakylordjustin lose fack you

  3. hahahaahahahah im the best im 2th pretige and im verry good

  4. my xbox name is snakylordjustin and the of my friend is saaturysnake1 i see you later:D

  5. fifth prestige top left star point is bent..??

  6. My Playstation Network account = Glennyo
    Yes you guessed it right, my name is Glenn… Ya know, a friend of mine = 7th prestige, and i’m 1st prestige but, WHO CARES. ITS ABOUT THE FREAKIN GAME. IF YOU WANNA TALK BOUT PRESTIGE, MAKE YOUR OWN TOPIC CALLED “Post your prestige and level on this stupid topic”

    Thnx, for reading YA SHITLORDS!

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