Newest MW3 DLC Map “OverWatch”

February 22, 2012 in MultiPlayer, MW3

Here’s a look at the latest (as of Feb 21, 2012) Modern Warfare 3 DLC MAP “OVERWATCH” This is the 3rd “map drop” so far which is only available on Xbox at the moment (drop 1 comes to PS3 Feb 28) So far this is by far my favorite of the 3 maps, which includes Liberation & Piazza. I thought it would be more like MW2 “Highrise” but it is multilevel with areas to camp and hide, yet small enough to get shot from “out of nowhere” it seemed at times. Check the video out, and don’t judge me to harshly, LOL I just played it for 2nd time and was trying to look around for YOU to be able to check it out ;)

Also in the Xbox update for this, 10th prestige peeps can now level up to 15. This has not come to PS3 yet (the 15 prestiges), but will be available Feb 28.


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  1. I was waiting for this :P. I love the map like you do. When I first started playing it I wasn’t enamored. Mainly because I was getting killed around every corner without a chance to explore. But after a few times, it’s a great map with lots of angles and places to “camp”. It’s got a ton of tricky jumps that you don’t see at first. I went like 28-32 my first effort. Not bad for running around with zero cares.

    Also, has there been an Elite Clan created for this site yet? We got to play sometime TC. Most of the dudes I play with are 30 to 45 years old and fairly good. I’m usually hooked up with them in a party of 5-6 always. We always love new talent.

  2. Brian, There is an XBOX CoDBunker Clan as shown here:
    add ur GT and I’ll send invites, also as I am not as active on Xbox as I am on PS3 (I am trying to become more active, need peeps to play with) I may need a person to be the “Leader” of the Xbox Clan to send out the invites, etc……….You offering???

  3. BTW my Xbox GT is CODBUNKERcom (Ima gonna call xbox soon though to drop the com of the end of it, I think it looks silly)

  4. Sure, I’ll accept it when I get home tonight. Content is suppose to start tomorrow I was seeing. It’s setup perfect as Friday Nights is my xbox night. Wife leaves me alone, I grab a bottle of my favorite beverage (Beer) and play for hours, or until my eyes are so bloodshot I can’t see anymore.

    Seems like if you’re promoting the site, I would leave the com on there. I’ve seen tons of gamertags promoting COD type of websites. At most, people will think you’re a spammer. And do we really care who is on the other end of the mic?

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