A nice KDR, means you must be Great! Or does it???

August 1, 2011 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer


A subject that ticks me off!!! You aren’t THAT good, and HERE’s WHY!

This discussion is on Call of Duty Black Ops, but goes for ALL COD.

We’ve touched on this subject before; however, after this last weekend I feel it needs to be discussed in further depth. How many times do you here, “He/She has a nice KDR (Kill to Death Ratio)” and therfore it is ASSUMED that that player is “Good” or ever “Great”. I play a lot of “objective games” such as Capture the Flag, Headquarters, etc (more than Team Death Match). At the end of every game/match there is one of 3 things written in BIG letters. They are “Draw” (which is rare) OR…..”VICTORY” or “DEFEAT” So basically, IMHO this is the “End Game”…..The goal, if you will. So “those people” that enter into an objective game and do NOTHING to assist the “team” in a victory, but sit back away from the objective to get kills are plain and simple LOSERS, because typically this is exactly what happens. The rest of your team get beat down trying to get the objective while you are over there “increasing your KDR” (this will In your opinion make you look like your great…..”Hey look at my KDR……I’m awesome)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the enemy will keep going to the “HQ” to capture it, while you pick them off and you don’t even have to go find them…..YOU KNOW WHERE THEY’ll BE! Really hard stuff. Granted a GOOD team will work “choke points” to prevent the other team from getting there, but they work as a team, and STILL get the capture. But when you do NOTHING to help the team, other than “increasing your KDR” then IMHO you are a LOSER. Here is my proof……sorta. (You’ll haffa check it yourselves to see) but when you play against these….”Awesome Peeps (those with the high KDR)” Just go check their “WIN RATIO” after the match. Most that I have come up against have a NEGATIVE win ratio, which means you lose more than you win; therefore it make you a loser and NOT a winner. Can anybody dispute this logic, if so please do! Bottom line: “IN IT TO WIN IT” if not give yourself some competitiveness and attempt some TDM or FFA, don’t try to pad your KDR by going to objective games because it takes a lot more than a KDR to be “good” I’m also attaching my Stats to show that IMHO it’s all about the “W” furthermore, I’m attaching a friend from my list “NuggetHead’s” to show you that you can be a “BEAST” in KDR AND have a BEAST Win Ratio………….BEAST, Nuff said :)

So What’s Your All’s Take on this Subject????




NuggetHead aka SUPER BEAST :)




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