Should you Camp after you’ve asked for 1 v 1 ?

August 26, 2011 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer

We’ve all gone into a lobby where some “Legend” (in their own mind) gets beat up on a lil,so after the match they start cussing everybody and telling all how GREAT they are. Then of course we have the cool little option Treyarch put into the game and was able to check his stats. He had a 0.47 win ratio, so we all busted out laughing, and a 1.22 KDR. Not a beast in anybodies book, LOL. SO then come the 1v1 challenge from the smack talker of course “I can beat any of you, or all of you at the same time” you know the drill. So “MANSLAUGHTER-13″ takes “brhodes11″ offer and CODBUNKER hosts it for them. It seemed that MANSLAUGHTER had brhodes11 handled pretty decent until brhodes11 pulled out his coleman lantern and tent to set up and camp IMHO. Or was that just me, what do you think? Did brhodes11 back up his “beastly” yapping, or did he wus out and camp, you make the call :D

Oh, and by the way (in case you noticed his brhodes11′s clan tag)……every state has em, is all I can say LOLz


2 responses to Should you Camp after you’ve asked for 1 v 1 ?

  1. Camper just needed a little fire and he would be all snug and set it for the night there on the stairs, plus he needs to sort his headset out as he couldn’t quite here where Manslaughter was coming from but he was listening LOL

  2. ak74u rapid fire???????lmao spray pray, and yeah if that kid is just sitting in the building he is camping

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