The Most XP You Have Earned in 1 match?

April 16, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, MultiPlayer

Just curious, what is the most XP you have earned in one match?
So far the most I have earned is 33313 XP, I’ve heard of some getting 40k-50k+

What’s your highest?


5 responses to The Most XP You Have Earned in 1 match?

  1. g said on April 16, 2010


  2. Sorry about the top comment , pc went spac.
    Most ive earnt is 20000

  3. I have earned 56k

  4. i just earned 57500 i will email buck with the picture of proof

  5. Sam,
    I got your email, LOL, I have to share it, with all.
    Its a brilliant little points glitch, I never thought of that!
    I will post it on “Home” page………….

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