A Very Merry MW3 Christmas!

December 25, 2011 in ELITE, MW3

Merry Christmas to all you Call of Duty fans out there! :D

Santa Clause has brought all of us hardcore COD MW3 gamers a gift that keeps on “Respawning”……..CHRISTMAS NOOBS! O Christmas Noobs, O Christmas Noobs, how thankful are we you got MW3! LOL. So for you Noobs that just got your Playstations, Xbox’s with MW3 congratulations! We are so thankful that St. Nick gave you such a wonderful gift. As for us “Veterans” we too have received a gift, which is you, LOL. We know the maps, and we know EXACTLY where you will be camping at, so don’t try it or you WILL get humped from behind, then Knifed, then T-bagged ;) Don’t fret though, we were all Noobs at some point, just respawn, get back in there and let us enjoy pwning you……..until you start to get the hang of it, and grow past the “noob” status, then you to can look forward to the “Tax Return” Noobs with us in the next few months :D



Christmas NOOB Tips:
I suggest you play private matches for a little bit, to get familiar with maps. If you really get frustrated you can try out the Single player “Campaign mode” It’s pretty beast, and you can also try out the Spec Ops mode.

Don’t get upset trying to get you Elite working correctly because if you are having issues with that, it is more than likely because Beachead Studios STILL can’t figure it out themselves (they are the ELITE peeps) some of it works, but it’s still mostly broke (upcoming article about that)

Also you can follow us on Twitter @CODBUNKER check us out & LIKE on Facebook as well as our Youtube channel, and finally keep checking back here for more tips, tutorials, and news ………SO DON’T BE A NOOB! Come back and check us out ;)


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