AWESOME MW3 “RIOT Shield” Dance on Terminal

July 24, 2012 in MW3

I love the Interwebz! It’s a “RIOT”
So anyway here’s the story, I gave shoutouts to Clans that are following CODBUNKER (I’m just a kewl guy like that :D ) but I then got a reply from my UK buddy “Charlie” asking why his clan didn’t get a shoutout!

@CODBUNKER WHAT!! No shutout for the amazing crazy and spanktastic @GoAWESOMEsquad we has girlz don’t you know!”

So I did give them a shoutout (even though the “Clan” wasn’t following me……for my M8 Charlie)
He then replied that I should check out his Clan Leaders Youtube channel:
@CODBUNKER you should really check out @SooperPook YouTube for some funny mw3 footage”

So I did, and came accros SooperPook’s REALLY SUPER DUPER AWESOME video of what seemed to be a “Rave” on Modern Warfare 3′s “Terminal” Map. It was so kewl IMHO that I had to share it with you all, so make sure you give it a look and LIKE/SUB ….DON’TCHA LOVE THE INTERNET :)

NICE JOB SooperPook!


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  1. That was awesome!

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