MW3 Elite Clan Ops Boosters Exposed??

February 25, 2012 in ELITE, MW3

Watch video, then do the math. IMHO it is obvious that the Clan that “won” the “Sticky Fingers” ELITE CLAN OPS Feb 24 on PS3 cheated. I will present the case and you decide. Did they cheat or not?

CODUBUNKER Clan [BnKr] played the entire 3 hours and below is our legitimate scores. (Not saying we are the Beastliest clan in the world…..But to get beat by 5x the score, C’mon!!!!)


top six captures: gave us 543 Caps
2 xJetTrooperx =111
3 The_1mmortel =95
4 lowersioux =93
5 UpperSIOUX =84
6 DJAc34 =78
7 death_by_me75 =54
8 mamgod03 =23
9 deathby187 =19

the “Winner” Clan xDyNasTyGaMiinGx with 2678 caps (almost 5x ours)
1 xEaXiS_ =469
2 IFaMouZzI =460
3 badcompany04435 =457
4 OgS-Snlp3r =455
5 MDMA195 =443
6 Cheeky_Rascal =394

BNKR is happy with our top 10% performance, yet We believe that the “true” winner (whoever they may be) are being shortchanged by these (IMHO) cheaters.
Your thoughts?


2 responses to MW3 Elite Clan Ops Boosters Exposed??

  1. you dam right they were cheating… who was the second team in the challnge ( their boosting friends?)

  2. DAmn! I’ve got a friend who I know personally is a Pro and compete’s all over the country with his team in COD. He’s been kind enough to let me play with them from time to time and they are flat out amazing. And I’m fairly certain on their best day they couldn’t achieve that. They had to have some help with friends.

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