Reset Stats MW3, what happens?

June 27, 2012 in MW3

What happens when you enter the Prestige Shop of Modern Warfare 3 and use a Prestige Token to “Reset Stats”??? It will basically RESET you back to as if you just plugged the MW3 game in for the FIRST time! If you check out the picture I posted in this article, it’s not very intuitive what will happen. I seen NOTHING regarding “Prestige” so I was fairly “assured” that I would remain at 15th Prestige on May 18th 2012 when I did this. I got kicked from a game (we had a full party) while on travel using Hotel Internet. So while I was bored waiting on team to finish game, and 2 more weeks for IW to open up 20th prestige level for PS3, I was going to prestige just to stack some tokens for 2xp……….Then I seen the “Reset Stats”………Hmmmmmmm So carefully reading before i hit the “CONTINUE” button, I assumed I would remain at 15th prestige. Well long story short, I was level 1 prestige 0. ALL accolades, Titles, emblems, as well as KD Win Ratio (which I expected) were gone. Everything was ZERO, with the exception of my Founder Status Title, Elite Title, Clan Title. I EVEN got my ORIGINAL 4 Tokens back from prestiging in MW, WaW, MW2, Blops. So if you found this out the hard way as I did….. :( If you are curious, you now know the implications, and I’d suggest not doing it this late in the game. Side note, if you wonder why I’ve been slacking on posts here at CODBUNKER this is why, I WILL MAKE 20th Prestige before Black Ops II comes out…….MY GOAL!!!



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  1. I am a girl, and I knew if you reset your stats that you would go back to nothing!

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