20 New MW3 Prestige levels?

February 11, 2012 in Infinity Ward, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer

There had been rumors that Modern Warfare 3 will be adding 10 more prestige levels to the game. It was quite interesting yesterday in “Twitter Land” people claiming to “Know” and those that were wanting to know………….LIKE US! Well before I was going to post about it, I wanted to hear some “Solid” intel from a credible source. Well last night Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo, of Infinity Ward, Community Manager) tweet the below.


So there is NOW verification that at least 5 new prestige levels will be added to MW3. I find this to be perplexing myself. Why would you add (3 months after release) 5 new prestige levels? Is it because so many have achieved 10th prestige already? (Lest we forget some used DewXP, etc) Personally I feel that IW/SHG should’ve sorted this out before release on how many hours it would take to reach maximum level. Note there was no statement saying 15th prestige will be the max………..”really this time” so when you feel a sense of accomplishment that you are “done” prestiging will they then take it to 20? Not so sure I agree with this “402″ But at any rate THIS IS THE “DOPE”, the real scoop, at least for now. MW3 will have 15 prestige levels………….for now


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  1. I’ve got a lot of friends who are gonna be upset over this. They play to reach the highest prestige and a few were close. We were to get back onto zombies (Black OPs) here in a month or two, looks like that’s delayed :P

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