Activision Support for COD7 Black Ops

November 5, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

In case you don’t remember the release of Modern Warfare 2 last year, it was quite a nightmare for many of us. If you look back on my posts then, you’ll see where I was trying to figure out who to blame and who to contact to fix it. The problem was that ON RELEASE DATE I and millions could not log on and play the “Online” version of MW2 (we had to settle for Campaign Mode or Spec Ops) up until about 7pm EST. I also took the day off so I obviously was frantic, LOL……wasted day for NOTHING. I wanted to cuss Infinity Ward, Activision, Playstation, and anybody that may be involved in that debacle, LOL. But since that time I have found the BEST DAMN CUSTOMER SUPPORT THERE IS!!! So this year is going to be different :) Not just because I have found the support, but I think there is no way that this could happen again, and that ALCON (All concerned) will be expecting the HUGE success of COD7 BlackOps launch and be ready for it. Here is where CODBUNKER comes in……….

ATVI_Mikey asked us (COD websites, forums, news peeps, etc), to spread the word ahead of the Black Ops release that their little army of ATVI TECH Support Warriors will be ready!!! I am more than willing to assist, especially since ATVI_Mikey and ATVI_Bernard have been SO helpful to CODBUNKER in the recent past! :D So here is what I want ALL of you to do:

1. Spread the word (Email this post to your COD M8s, Tweet it, FB it, etc.)

2. Create a Twitter account, if you don’t have one already.

3. (Optional…..Follow @CODBUNKER on twitter :D )

4. (A MUST) Follow these peeps at Activision Support: @ATVI_Mikey, @ATVI_Bernard , @ATVI_Dov , @ATVI_Amber, and @ATVI_Randolph

5. If you have a problem Tweet one or all of the above and you will receive FANTASTIC SUPPORT.

They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and even fun! If they can’t help you, I guarantee that they will get you pointed in the right direction…………Did I also mention EVERYTIME I’ve contacted them, that within minutes they have responded……..WOW!

BOTTOM LINE: Activision, Treyarch, CODBUNKER ALL want you (and themselves) to ready for want is GUARANTEED to be and EPIC Call of Duty Launch !!! :D

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