Annihilation Quick Look Video of “Hazard”

July 3, 2011 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer, NEWS

Here’s another COD7 Black Ops DLC “ANNIHILATION ” video, the 3rd of 5 “quick look” videos of the map packs This one is of Map “Hazard” At first, I HATED this map, but once I got the layout somewhat, there is room for you players (such as myself) to run & gun. You just have to do it on the outside and in “pinch” areas. Mostly though this map is LONG; therefore giving it the Conclustion: A SNIPER’s DREAM!


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  1. my favorite map for the new ones. It’s a remake of “cliffside” from World at War. Sniping is crazy and if you dare to run across the main part of the course, you will usually be quick scoped.

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