Black Ops 2 Villian Reveal Video (Cordis Die)

July 10, 2012 in BlackOps2, NEWS, Treyarch

Raul Menendez becomes a Global “Liberator” and is “idolized” by 99% of the Global population to save us all from the Tyranny of the 1% that have all the power………..OR IS HE???! Does the power grab control of him and distort his mind to set out on a quest of GLOBAL DESTRUCTION??? Meet the next Call of Duty Bad Guys “Cordis Die” lead by Raul in 2025 in this Black Ops II Villain Trailer Reveal.

OH, and BTW Treyarch……. Things are looking like you are about to set a NEW BAR, without a doubt, for the Call of Duty Franchise! #AwesomeSauce #CantWait


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