Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal

August 9, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

You have to see this video!!! Just at first look, it looks like its gonna be LOTS more fun than MW2. If they don’t have the SICK noob tubing/Danger Close classes like MW2. This Call of Duty WILL BE THE BEST YET!!! Very exciting, can’t wait to play it. You’ll note the following in the video:

3 kill streak he gets a uav/recon
4 kill streak he gets a care package
5 kill streak he gets a missle of some sort (like a predator, from MW2)

You get to see the crossbow in use, you’ll see a long distance knife kill by a “ballistic knife” (used by spetznaz) (similar to throwing knife, but shot out of sheath like a bullet).
You’ll see a knife attack in the back (from a good distance) which could be “commando pro”
You also see “Buzz kills”
And of course other kewl stuff…….Did I see a Radio Controlled car, drive into enemy and blow up????
Watch it now, VERY KEWL!!!


8 responses to Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal

  1. can’t wait…its gonna be awesome

  2. The RC car looks kind of stupid, 3 kills and you get a weakend predator basicly.
    And if you look at the red dot its a smiley face :)

  3. I reserved a copy at my local Gamestop the other day, and we were talking about the game in general. I don’t know if there’s any truth to this, but he mentioned that the RC car is actually a prestige unlockable.

    Does this mean there will be weapons based on prestiges? Might be an added bonus to someone who has gone through all 10 prestiges… but hopefully there’s no way to hack into a 10th prestige automatically.

    Hopefully, as well, they’ll make sure there isn’t a care package glitch, either.

  4. Can’t wait for this. Also saw last week that Zombies will be included w/ Blackops. That’s about the only thing I still play on WAW. I hate snow and cold weather, but November can’t get here soon enough.

  5. call of duty is gonna be a awesome game that i think i will buy.
    i have seen some movies about the game and some are really good and some suck.

  6. sick shit bro………….cant wait………….

  7. Josh,
    If you look at my latest posts you’ll see that it states “RC Car Kill Streak” it doesn’t mention prestige, but I do like the idea that you have some killstreaks unlocked as you prestige, that would add more incentive to prestige……..

  8. wow i cant wait

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